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Global leaders in ecommerce and retail space are using PromptCloud to crawl ecommerce websites and acquire high-quality web data

Scalable web scraping service delivering
data at required intervals,
via preferred mode

  • Analyze Demand

    Web scraping of eCommerce websites can be deployed to monitor the most in-demand products, categories, and the listing rate. Scrape eCommerce data to prioritize product sales in different categories based on demand.
    Step 1.
  • Track Marketplaces

    Monitoring ranking for preferred keywords for the specific products via web data extraction and measure the efficiency of how your search engine optimization efforts for search ranking.
    Step 4.
  • Improve Pricing Strategy

    Use our product data sets consisting of product name, type, variant, product pricing and more, from several websites for effective eCommerce price monitoring and competitor price tracking.
    Step 2.
  • Detect Fraud

    Use web crawling techniques to automatically extract product data points and detect if there is significant fluctuation in pricing. Use this to find out the genuineness of the seller.
    Step 5.
  • Manage Resellers

    Manage your resellers and channel partners by extracting  product data from online stores. Further processing of this data can reveal if there are terms of infringement or MAP violations.
    Step 3.
  • Monitor Campaigns

    Crawl forums and sites like YouTube and Twitter to extract the comments related to your brand and your competitors’ brand. Gain insights from the Voice of Customer for your campaigns.
    Step 6.

Top case studies in ecommerce

We love the ease of information flow offered by the internet and want to share the same with companies across the globe. Check out what makes us the preferred data partner for businesses of various sizes.

E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

Price Monitoring for Electronic Components Manufacturers and Distributors

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E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

E-commerce product feeds and price

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E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

Scraping clothing data from hundreds of fashion brand sites via API

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