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Scalable web scraping service delivering
data at required intervals,
via preferred mode

  • Market

    Augment internal data with high-volume and clean alternate data to perform extensive market research on any industry — from e-commerce and travel to job and healthcare.
    Step 1.
  • Sentiment analysis

    Get reviews, feedback, and complaint from user-generated content on products, services, and marketing campaigns to perform sentiment analysis. Get a grip on how your company is performing and collect valuable insights.
    Step 2.
  • Machine

    Large scale web data extracted from the web can be used to train machine learning algorithm (e.g., Natural Language Processing), extract entity from metadata, perform statistical tagging and clustering.
    Step 3.
  • Business

    Industry-specific web data extracted from the web can be easily fed to the analytics engine to derive insights and used to reporting.
    Step 4.

Get web data in structured format for research and analytics

Top case studies in research and analytics

We love the ease of information flow offered by the internet and want to share the same with companies across the globe. Check out what makes us the preferred data partner for businesses of various sizes.

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Product pricing and reviews from 20+ ecommerce sites

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Monitoring flight schedules to power analytics solution

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E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

Twitter Scraping for Sentiment Analysis

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E-commerce product feeds and price comparison

Analyzing data extracted from pharmaceutical portals

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