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With nearly 380 new websites created every minute, traditional market research strategies lag behind when it comes to gathering market research data on a large scale, in shorter time duration. Acquiring insights into market trends requires a great deal of historical and real-time data, and data mining provides this with a guaranteed level of speed, reliability, and accuracy.

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Market Research Data Extraction

Market research data, combined with analytics, is a uniquely valuable asset for any business. When harnessed correctly, data yields around 15 to 20 percent growth in revenue. However, geo-location restrictions, growing need for speed, and difficulties in gathering data at scale are increasing market researchers’ challenges.

Overwhelming amount of data makes it difficult to separate out from the noise; making it manually impossible to scan through the high volume of data generated by IoT devices and internet usage today. The manually collated data using primary and secondary research methodologies includes a higher quality and sample size risks Cutting edge technologies including web scraping, machine learning and AI, are boon to market research companies, extracting required primary data for the researches in record time.

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Web data extraction in research is an essential component of gathering quality market data. Automation of data collection by web scraping for research is becoming increasingly an inevitable necessity of the near future. Web scraping for market research helps market researchers focus more on providing strategic insights from the data extracted and save the valuable time and efforts spent on perfecting the data collection process. PromptCloud’s data mining services for market research data offers historical as well as real-time data support to fulfill market research companies’ strategic data requirements worldwide.

Our team helps discover new business propositions extending beyond geographical barriers and keeps you updated with the latest forecasts and emerging trends. Backed by a team of highly competent professionals, we guarantee complete accuracy and ensure that the information at all levels is correct, consistent, coherent, and organized in the desired format. Positioned at the forefront of web scraping services, PromptCloud has carved out a niche for itself as the premier web scraping solution provider for market research data.



The more high-quality data available, the better the odds of success. Our web scraping services give research and analytics firms the extra intelligence they need to do market trend analysis. Harnessing the power of data mining for trend analysis is efficient and effective with web scraping solutions for market research from PromptCloud. Keep a close eye on the market and industry trends by web crawling real time market data.


Genuine competitive insights, backed by accurate, current, and complete information, is key to organizations outperforming the competition. PromptCloud’s data scraping services help market research firms gather the competitor data for monitoring the competitive landscape. With competitive market research data, stay agile and create differential go-forward strategies through in-depth competitor research and analysis.


In a dynamic world, businesses need timely and holistic consumer insights and quickly pick up and act upon the right consumer signals. We help you capture these signals successfully by web scraping data from multiple sources. Leverage our premium data and translate them into insights brands can act upon. Get a complete and unadulterated view of your target audience with holistic consumer data.


PromptCloud’s web scraped market data can help market research companies help their clients deal with issues pertaining to analyzing and estimating consumers’ demands. Leveraging our data, enables clients to accurately predict, plan, and meet customer demands in real-time. Augment real time market data to perform extensive market research on any industry, from e-commerce and travel to job and healthcare, and more.


Given the complexity of pricing numerous products in a highly competitive and dynamic market, gathering pricing data can act as both a catalyst and a metrics engine for managing profitability. Gauge the impact of pricing activities on business, analyze the profitability of specific price points, and help clients optimize pricing strategy with advanced price monitoring solutions. Access real time pricing data changes and get historical pricing data to determine pricing trends.


For businesses preparing to enter a new market or expand its offerings, having access to insights unseen by your competition or building a sales and marketing database is an indisputable advantage. Gather web data to understand – lead generation, competitive pricing, product placement, distribution channels, customer sentiment, influencers – the opportunities are unlimited with PromptCloud.

Leave the challenging process of data extraction to us and focus more on providing strategic insights from the data extracted



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