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Scrape Automobile Data

Build automobile data feeds by getting clean data from auto portals, marketplace and OEM sites.

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Scalable web scraping service delivering data at required intervals,via preferred mode

  • Inventory data

    Get automobile inventory data by scraping data with regular frequency from dealership sites and classified sites. Collect make, model, seller details, descriptions and pricing in an automated manner.
    Step 1.
  • Automobile dealership data

    Use web data to build a data repository for ranking and reviewing website for automobile dealers. PromptCloud can help you acquire data from car dealers across the world.
    Step 4.
  • Automobile pricing data

    Acquire automobile pricing data from classified sites, manufacturer sites and directory listings for research and pricing strategy improvements.
    Step 2.
  • Data from OEM sites

    Scrape data from OEM sites to collect make, model, specifications and images. Feed the data to your analytics engine to derive business insights for competitive strategy.
    Step 5.
  • Automobile review data

    Scrape auto reviews from automobile portals for insight mining and improving product strategy. Use the REST API to directly get clean data and perform statistical techniques.
    Step 3.
  • Social media data

    Automobile manufacturers and digital agencies use PromptCloud’s site-specific crawling to monitor social media sites and online forums to track mentions of automobile brands.
    Step 6.

Join top organizations using PromptCloud to crawl clean web data from automobile domain

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