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Scrape Automobile Data
Automobile market analytics

Use cases from Automobile Industry

Price Data

Don’t let the brightest sales opportunities in your industry slide away due to sloppy pricing. Get automobile price data from classified sites, manufacturer sites, directory listings, and much more to price your products better. Track, analyze, and make intelligent pricing moves with optimal pricing decisions. Where our regularly scraped pricing data is available in ready-to-use formats. Get the latest price changes directly delivered to your web API.

Review Data

Scrape product reviews and ratings across automobile sites to understand customer perspectives about your products. Find the relevant elements that can rank your product higher and gain more positive reviews. Understand the customer’s perspective through automotive review scraping and position the right product to the right customer. We have ideated to ease the entire automotive data mining procedure by taking you straight to automobile data insights.

Inventory Data

Automate inventory data by scraping dealership sites and classified sites. Track your inventory data in real-time by receiving alerts for low-stock or sold-out items. Adjust your inventory counts when the stock reaches a certain point by scraping automobile industry data. Our web scraping data services help you track product inventory across dealers and stores.

OEM Sites Scraping

Scrape data from OEM sites to accumulate data feeds, including seller details, model, specifications, and even the images. Feed the data to your analytics engine and translate business insights into a competitive strategy. Our customers have even used online data to create a database for their automobile dealer ranking. PromptCloud builds an extensive dataset from various data sources in any format of your choice. You can also get it directly integrated with your API.

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Case Studies from Automobile Industry

Scraping Used Cars Data

Web scraping classified sites to aggregate used car data and evaluate pricing changes.

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Extracting Automobile Dealer Data

Building data repository by extracting automobile dealer data from thousands of sources.

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Creating Automotive Database

Web scraping multiple sources to create automotive database and monitor market fluctuations.

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