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Scrape used Cars Data from Web

Aggregating the used cars data

Making a successful web portal needs huge amounts of data. There are thousands of classified websites where users buy and sell used cars. Aggregating the used cars data from multiple classified sites has so many different use cases among which using it to build your own used cars portal is the most profitable one.

Collecting data from any page on the web has become easier with web scraping technologies. It is the ideal choice for gathering data if you are planning to build an ecommerce portal, a website or even doing some research. The main advantage of web scraping is that it can be used to aggregate huge amounts of data in your desired frequency within less time.

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How PromptCloud can help

Web scraping services from PromptCloud can be used to crawl, extract and normalize used cars data including every important detail like owner name, model, car’s make and the description. We set up web crawlers to crawl and extract the content from predefined schema matching clients’ requirements. The data can also be made searchable by indexing it. Making the data searchable will make it easy as entering your keywords to get matching results from the data. The scraped data is provided in popular formats like CSV, JSON and XML so that compatibility is never an issue for our clients.

Benefits of using PromptCloud to crawl web data

Since our web scraping solution is scalable, you don’t have to worry about your ever increasing data requirements. Clients don’t have to meddle with the complicated development as it is dealt by our dedicated tech team. Reliability is really high with our service as the websites being crawled are continuously monitored for structural changes. We take care of the changes in target websites by promptly making modifications to our crawler set up. Although the scraped data usually contain noise, we refine and provide the data in clean and organized form. With PromptCloud, all you have to do is focus on other aspects of your business since we’ve got you covered on the data part.

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