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Classifieds Scraper for Listings

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A search engine for classified ads of vehicles needed classified scraper to get the latest ads and listings details.

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The Challenge

The client had about 10 classified sites to crawl, and were looking to expand their base to a few hundred websites in other geographies too. They also wanted to index this content so that their visitors could only search for a particular make and model instead of looking at all the available options.

The Solution

Along with crawling, extracting and normalizing data with all record-level details like car’s make, model, owner, version, and other meta attributes, PromptCloud also indexed the final data to make it searchable. So two kinds of API were present: a) Data API where all classified data from these lists of sources got uploaded as well as b) the search API that the client’s website visitors could directly query with their keywords.


Since our web scraping solution is scalable, you don’t have to worry about your ever increasing data requirements. Clients don’t have to meddle with the complicated development as it is dealt by our dedicated tech team. Reliability is really high with our service as the websites being crawled are continuously monitored for structural changes. We take care of the changes in target websites by promptly making modifications to our crawler set up.

  • Scalable solution
  • Zero development cost at client’s end
  • No machine costs involved at client’s end since search API was provided
  • Cleaner data than before along with monitoring of website changes

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