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Scrape Classified Websites to extract ads and listing

Use case from

The Client

A search engine for classified ads of vehicles

The Challenge

The client had about 10 classified sites in their country that they crawled and were looking to expand their base to a few hundred websites in other geographies too. They also wanted to index this content so that their visitors could only search for a particular make and model instead of looking at all the available options.

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The Solution

Along with crawling, extracting and normalizing data with all record-level details like car’s make, model, owner, version, and other meta attributes, PromptCloud also indexed the final data to make it searchable. So two kinds of API were present- Data API where all classified data from these lists of sources got uploaded as well as the search API that the client’s website visitors could directly query with their keywords.


• Scalable solution
• Zero development cost at client’s end
• No machine costs involved at client’s end since search API was provided
• Cleaner data than before along with monitoring of website changes

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