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Web scraping to scale a mobile-centric marketplace

Crawling close to 20 sites per month and furnishing data to help build database of goods and services with relevant information.

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Mobile home crawler to scale a mobile-centric marketplace


A neighborhood based mobile-centric marketplace for the borrowing and lending of goods and services was looking for a mobile crawler.

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Crawling 10-20 sites per month and furnish data to help build database of items/services with relevant information. Also includes database building for car-sharing services. The level of information here is macro: name, photo, owner name, location (Lat. & Long.), price etc. Specific geographical targeting demanded.

The Solution: Mobile Home Crawler

Part of the regular site-specific crawling, we ran slow crawls in sites to get the data according to fields. Slow crawl helped get data for this case smoothly.

Benefits to the client:

  • Building a crawl and extraction process setup a continuous stream of data
  • Helped aggregate content from many sites to enhance client site
  • Zero data processing efforts at client’s end
  • Scalable infrastructure reduced client’s costs

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