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Our cloud-based, high volume data extraction platform is vertical agnostic and delivers clean, structured and accurate data

  • Custom Data Extraction

    Our site-specific data extraction solution delivers web data exactly the way you need it at the desired frequency via your preferred delivery channel.
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  • Hosted Indexing

    This solution is aimed at indexing crawled data to focus only on the relevant datasets by using logical combination in queries.
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  • Live Crawls

    Live crawl occurs in real-time according to the requests specified by your application and fresh data is delivered via search API.
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  • WordPress Blogs Extraction

    Aggregate text content from hundreds of news sites, blogs and media websites running on the WordPress platform.
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  • Free Data Feed

    This solution is ideal for getting fresh data from major ecommerce, travel and job portals directly via our API every week.
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  • DataStock

    DataStock allows you to instantly download comprehensive, clean and ready-to-use pre-crawled web data sets from wide range of industries spanning across the geographies.
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  • JobsPikr

    JobsPikr is job data extraction solution that uses machine learning techniques to intelligently fetch job data from company websites and job boards.
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