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WordPress Blog Extraction

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Getting data from WordPress
blogs just got faster and easier

WordPress is the go-to blogging platform of most bloggers and media companies around the world. If you are looking to source blog content from the web around a particular niche, look no further than PromptCloud’s dedicated WordPress blog extraction solution powered by machine learning techniques.

Having dealt with countless use cases where our clients wanted to extract blog data from blogs belonging to different niches such as health, fashion, food and technology, our WordPress blog extraction solution is built to meet the needs of any use case where the source sites are based on WordPress, which is basically majority of the blogs.


How it works

Our WordPress blog extraction service packs some of the cutting-edge technologies in machine learning and web crawling to deliver robust and seamless data extraction from majority of the blogs powered by WordPress. The core system is designed to detect the generic classes and page structuring of WordPress blogs and automatically identify and extract various fields like Article Title, Article body, Date, Author name, Tags, Categories and more. The machine learning component cuts down the site setup time and workload, thereby enabling faster access to data.

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