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Scrape Real Estate Data
Scrape Real Estate Data

Use cases of Real Estate Data Scraping

Demand Analysis

Sourcing multiple real estate websites manually is a tedious task. Having crawled hundreds of real estate websites over the years, we can gather data on most in-demand properties, location, pricing rates, and much more. Examine aggregated, high-dimensional data to understand demand fluctuations, so that you can make informed business decisions.

Property Price Comparison

We provide you with real-time commercial properties data that you can rely on while managing listings and prices. With our real estate scraper, you get real-time property insights to fuel your pricing engine. Set the frequency to crawl pricing data – hourly, daily, or weekly, as per your need.

Market Fluctuations

By web scraping real estate data, understand market fluctuations and unlock profitable opportunities. Industry data scraping helps to collect historical and current intelligence on properties, value, sales cycles, and much more. The analyzed data provides data-backed predictions on how the market will perform in the near future. You simply can list your real estate data sources, and we’ll get the data points you need.

Monitoring Competition

Acquire competitor information, their offerings, and pricing by scanning properties data from multiple sites. With our data intelligence, understand the gap in your offerings and devise strategies to keep ahead of the game. Get property listings data from your targeted geolocations and better serve your customers with up-to-date deals. Swiftly accumulate real-time market data and promptly react to competitors’ actions.

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Top case studies and use cases from Real Estate Industry

Scraping listings of real estate agents: Mid-scale companies.

Extracting agents’ listings from multiple real estate portals to improve data strategy.

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Scraping listings of real estate agents: Large-scale companies

Crawling popular US-based portals to improve business intelligence and service portfolio.

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Scraping real estate listings across the country: India and US

Collecting real-estate listings across the country on classifieds to connect B2B marketplaces.

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