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Real Estate Listings Across the Country


An online portal connecting B2B marketplaces


The client wanted to bring together the marketers in the B2B arena at a single point where they could interact and make buying decisions. The critical part of such a solution was to facilitate information from various B2B industries that visitors could leverage for their partnerships. One of such solutions was focused on collecting all the real-estate listings in a country.

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The Solution

The list of sources that hosted relevant information was identified. A data acquisition pipeline was then set up that could collect all property listings, their types, description, images, value, and other details in a structured format. These sources were crawled on an incremental basis and all the incremental information was uploaded to the API from where it could be downloaded and put to use.

Benefits to the client

  • Although the data volume was huge, the pipeline still ran smoothly without any customer involvement
  • Addition of more fields were taken care of at any point in time
  • Precision extraction helped in capturing even the subtle property details
  • More than 10 million records were uploaded, all noise-free
Benefits to the client
One of our Slideshare decks discusses generic classifieds use cases.
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