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Airbnb is one of the largest travel websites out there with their unique homestay network that enables people to list their properties for a global user base.


It is a popular platform where hundreds of property rental listings are being posted every day. This makes Airbnb one of the best travel sites you can include in your target sites list for data mining. Airbnb crawler can provide valuable data for many aspects of hotels and property rentals in any given location that you want to track.
One of the key aspects when it comes to maximizing your revenue in the travel industry is to set the ‘right’ price. While the travel industry already uses pricing intelligence for optimizing their pricing for maximum profits, extracting data from Airbnb gives the companies a level up in the game.

How does Airbnb Crawler works

Although there are different routes you can take when it comes to harvesting data from Airbnb, the one that’s most suited for recurring and large scale requirements would be to rely on a Airbnb crawler with a Data-as-a-Service provider. Since DaaS providers have the technical expertise, infrastructure and scalability advantages, they can provide you the data you need, the way you need it, consistently. The cost would also fall way lower than what an in house crawling setup could cost you.

Why to Choose PromptCloud’s Airbnb Crawler

With our fully managed web scraping solutions, you are relieved of all the complicated processes that are part of crawling and scraping Airbnb. The only time you will have to be involved is when providing the requirements. The requirement essentially boils down to a few basic things like:

  • List of websites you need data from
  • Data points to be extracted
  • Frequency of crawl
  • Data delivery format
    Data delivery method

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Which Data Points can be Extracted

Few common data points that we have harvested with Airbnb crawler for our clients in the past includes:

  • Price
  • Date and length of stay
  • Unique identifier
  • Address
  • Location: Latitude, Longitude
  • Description of property
    Count of the number of photos
  • Ratings and Reviews

Advantages of Crawling Airbnb with PromptCloud

The primary advantage of using our web scraping solution is that you get clean, structured data on a regular basis despite of all the roadblocks and challenges that are part of web scraping. Here are some of the key differentiators.
1. Completely Customizable Solution
It doesn’t matter how complicated your requirement is, our fully customizable tech stack is flexible enough to serve it.
2. Clean Data
We run the initially extracted data dump files through special cleaning systems to eliminate the noise (Irrelevant text or html tags that get scraped during the extraction process) from the data. The final output data is devoid of unnecessary elements.
3. A host of Data Delivery Options
The data delivery is fully customizable according to your specific requirements. When it comes to the data file formats, you have the option to choose between XML, JSON or CSV. For the delivery mode, you can opt to get the data via our API, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Box or your own FTP server. The wide range of options provided should eliminate your compatibility worries.

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