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Social Media Data Mining Service

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Crawling social networks is a relatively new concept, one which needs to be performed carefully for ensuring compliance with data privacy norms of various social media sites.
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Social media data mining techniques are technical in nature, as most of platforms control the access of information via APIs. Social media scraping is done to harvest required data points, based on specific keywords, profiles, geographies, groups, demographics, tags, and more. This kind of targeted information is very valuable for companies as running social media analytics, brand and sentiment monitoring.

Why Outsource Social Media Scraping Service?

It makes sense to hire a social media data mining service, as it frees valuable organizational resources to be more focused on the analytics part. Let the regular technical requirements and maintenance be handled by a service provider who is better equipped to deal with the legalities and changing dimensions of web scraping. Social media data extraction requires a certain degree of technical expertise, which can either be developed in-house, but in turns drain on organizational resources in terms of infrastructure, training and maintenance.


Social Media Data Collection

Not all social media sites can be mined for data. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are known to block web crawlers aggressively and hence crawling them is not feasible. But there are many popular social media sites that can be crawled to extract insightful data for your business. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many other social forum sites can be crawled without issues and the data can be very useful in analyzing user sentiments.

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