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Social Media Scraping Service

As the digital population continues to increase, social media remains the most visited and popular websites across. No wonder, social media scraping service has been gaining major grounds in the recent years.


Social media mining is not an easy task for in-house data acquisition departments, as these sites have complex structures and also restrict the data volume and frequency they let out to web crawlers. Hence, social media data mining services are favoured for end-to-end requirements, in a minimal turnaround time. Most of the popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook let crawlers extract data only through their own API (Application Programming Interface), so as to control the amount of information about their users and their activities. PromptCloud respects all these restrictions with respect to access to content and frequency of hitting their servers to make sure that user information is not compromised and their experience with the site is unhindered.

Social media scraping experts

At PromptCloud, we have developed an expertise in crawling and scraping social media data in real-time. Such data can be from diverse sources such as – Twitter, Linkedin groups, blogs, news, reviews etc. Popular usage of this data is in brand monitoring, trend watching, sentiment/competitor analysis & customer service, among others.

Our low-latency component can extract data on the basis of specific keywords, categories, geographies, or a combination of these. We can also take care of complexities such as multiple languages as well as tweets and profiles of specific users (based on keywords or geographies).

Structured data is delivered via a single REST-based API and every time new content is published, the feed gets updated automatically. We also provide data in any other preferred formats (XML, CSV, XLS etc.).

Data delivery

The frequency of social media crawls can be defined at the time of crawler setup which will decide how often you get the data. The mined data can be delivered in JSON, CSV or XML formats. The delivery methods are customizable too. The choices range from PromptCloud API, Amazon S3, Dropbox or your own FTP server.


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