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Media Monitoring using Web Crawling

After taking the requirements from the client, our team started building the crawler to extract the required data. Since the client wanted fresh datasets every week, we set the frequency of scrape to 7 days.

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Media Monitoring using Web Crawling


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Client’s Challenge

The client needed social media monitoring tool to track blogs on a popular blogging platform. They needed to scrape blog data from following categories – Home Furnishing, Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality, Sports and Recreation. The data requirements includes Blog URLs, follower count, number of likes, comments and category specific data.

The Solution

Our team programmed web crawlers to extract the blog data based on categories shared by the client. This particular use case comes under site specific crawl and extraction since the setup is specific to the site to be crawled. The client chose to get the data delivered in JSON format. The initial setup was complete within 3 days and the data started flowing in. As per the client’s preference, the data was directly being uploaded to their S3 servers.


  • Client didn’t have to be involved in any of the complicated aspects of web crawling
  • The initial setup was completed in just 3 days and there was a steady flow of data thereafter
  • We set up monitoring for the source websites to track changes being made to them that require modification of the crawling setup
  • Large volumes of data were handled with ease using PromptCloud’s advanced tech stack
  • Client was able to launch their fashion app marketplace within a short period of time after starting the data acquisition project

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Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring includes tracking of online brand mentions and response to the brand activities across the social media platforms. Monitoring helps brand be on top of the engagement and interactions before they might become viral for the wrong reasons. It also helps with online reputation management, maintaining a positive brand image among consumers and identify potential influencers.

Social Media Monitoring Tool

There is a wide range of tools available today for social listening and monitoring. The essence of these is crawling and scraping social media platforms to find the brand mentions, track popular hashtags and in-depth analysis in case of enterprise grade tools.

Depending on your requirements you can opt from free to highly sophisticated social media marketing tools. But if you want to monitor specific sites and have customised requirements, web scraping service could be the way to go. With social media scraping you can customise y0ur project requirements to great extent – specific sites, categories, pages or profiles you want to monitor, or if you need specific data that is not available via tools – all these could be met with social media scrapers. You can build your own analytics using the data.


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