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10 reasons why you should join us

1. Learn from the global leader in web data extraction
2. Democratize Big Data
3. Work on cutting edge technologies
4. Flexible work schedule
5. Recognition and empowerment
6. Exceptional colleagues
7. Open to experimentation
8. Driven by innovation
9. Performance oriented
10. Bootstrapped and growing

Technologies we work on

  • Ruby

    Ruby is the primary programming language with which our web crawling and data extraction infrastructure has been built. You will gain exposure to both client side as well as server side development.
  • Python

    Python has been used to develop some components of our data pipeline. You’ll learn how large-scale applications are built with distributed file systems, stream processing and various databases.
  • JavaScript

    Our internal and client facing apps extensively use JavaScript for front-end development. You will get to learn about the applications of libraries like jQuery and React for building user interfaces.

If you think you’re the right match,
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Perks of working at PromptCloud

Supportive and creative work environment

Daily lunch

20 Annual leaves per year

Flexible working hours

Employee recognition

Wellness program with health insurance

Coffee and snacks

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