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Hosted Indexing

Index scraped data and quickly focus on the relevant datasets using logical combination in queries

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Make your data searchable

Hosted indexing is an ideal solution if you have very large data sets and you would like to concentrate only on the data which is relevant. Here you’ll be able to search the data set based on various criteria you specify in queries. We can apply this to any type of datasets – the one you get via our data API or your own enterprise data.
1) How many reviews are related to Nike?
2) Who are the ones that have given 2 star rating to Audible?

What’s more?

• Specify data storage time period.
• Perform logical queries anytime, anywhere.
• Be assured of data security.


Some of the Major Case Studies

  • A search engine for classified ads of vehicles accesses data from over 100 sites in their country to increase market reach.

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  • An entertainment publisher focused on Hollywood celebrities uses PromptCloud’s hosted indexing to get data for specific keywords.

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  • A social media intelligence firm uses indexed data on PromptCloud’s API to run analyses on tweets centered around 5,000 keywords.

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