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Web Scraping Financial & Investing Data
Financial & Investing Analytics

Use cases of Financial Data Analysis

Equity Research

Huge investment decisions require an assessment of the company’s financial position in which you intend to invest. The data needs to be gathered from the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements for numerous years. With financial data being available on the websites in the investor relation sections and the quarterly or annual reports, we can help scrape financial data from the required web pages.

Stock Market

Investment firms nowadays are in the race to develop sophisticated algorithms for stock trading. Whether it is about stock price prediction, stock market sentiment analysis, or equity research, firms need a large volume of accurate data. PromptCloud helps in scraping real-time stock data from the web. With this data, you could further build-up algorithms and machine learning that correlates numbers with stock prices.

Venture Capital

The need to investigate companies before funding is a must for venture capital firms. Scrape businesses’ data from diverse sources like AngelList, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and much more to gather funding data. Crawl stock data, aggregate data from any publicly available financial statements with our data extraction services. Leverage structured ready-to-use data to aid the investment decision and make strategic venture capital decisions.

Risk Mitigation

Compliance with regulation is vital in the financial industry, and these are put under great scrutiny leading to millions of dollars as a penalty for the consequence of a breach. Through automated monitoring of sources that post regular updates, such as government regulations, court records, sanction lists, etc., our web scraping financial data services help you improve your compliance and risk management position. Scrape regulatory updates to stay abreast of the happenings and identify frauds.

Financial Ratings

Financial rating agencies can use financial data extraction services to observe and extract information from thousands of websites and public sources. Leverage our real-time data to drive proper research and analytics. We provide ready-to-use data with exceptional value to your end customers, including wealth managers, banks, and institutional investors, who can make immediate decisions using this information.

Sentiment Analysis

News about the financial market dominates the web these days. Scrape social media and discussion boards for the latest updates on the financial market. With the data extracted through our scraping services, conduct sentiment analysis to remain ahead of the game. Leverage sentiment analysis on data collected from different forums, blogs, and social networks to forecast the evolving financial market.

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