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Extracting Data at Scale Using PromptCloud’s Custom Web Crawler

October 25, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Big data represents data sets that are too large to be handled utilizing typical data management systems. Rather, you must learn to collect, analyze, and manage massive amounts of data. For businesses that use large scale data, it can be hard to know where to start. Data collection can include patient data in the medical..

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Web Scraping vs API: What’s the Best Way to Extract Data

September 22, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Today, data extraction performs a huge role in crafting a winning business strategy, thanks to the advancements in technology. In this era, web scraping can give businesses the advantage they need to beat their competitors. Through web scraping, a firm can conduct market research and study its competitors more effectively. Moreover, the data acquired through..

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Is Content Aggregator the Future of the Media Industry?

September 7, 2021Category : Blog Media

Content of the New Age Imagine it’s 1995. Your parents have just got back from work, your dad drops onto the sofa, and unfolds a newspaper. Historically, our news only came from a handful of sources. The TV, newspapers, industry-specific magazines, word of mouth, and so on. Content aggregator is the future! Now let’s fast-forward..

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How SEO data scraping can help eCommerce websites?

September 6, 2021Category : Blog

eCommerce websites are often competing for high rankings on Google and other search engines. However, not all eCommerce website owners know how to use SEO data scraping services to optimize their site’s ranking. This blog post will help the reader understand how these tools work and why they’re important for optimizing an eCommerce site’s ranking..

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Leveraging Web Scraping to Extract Airfare Data from OTAs

August 27, 2021Category : Blog Travel

Use web scraping to extract flight data from OTAs and airlines’ websites to give your customers the best possible start to their holiday experience. For any service-oriented business, customer happiness and satisfaction is paramount. And if you’re in travel, providing customers the best holiday experience is always priority number one. After all, happy customers mean..

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Website Ripper Copiers-Top 9 Tools

August 27, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Are you looking for a way to extract data from websites? Well, if so, then I have good news for you! This blog post is going to show you the top 10 easiest website rippers. There are many options out there that make this process quick and painless, but only a handful of them are..

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Web Scraping Food Delivery Data – PromptCloud’s Guide

August 23, 2021Category : Blog Restaurant

The online food delivery segment is projected to reach around $127 billion by the end of 2021. With revenue expected to grow to a market size of $192 billion by 2025. These platforms and apps have thousands of restaurant listings and are used by millions of customers. So, food delivery data is important for businesses. Restaurants..

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Top 15 Data extraction Tools of 2021

August 19, 2021Category : Blog Data

Data extraction is an important part of any project, it’s worth checking out the top 10 data extraction tools in order to find one that suits your needs. Data extraction can be for a variety of purposes such as database cleanup, converting files to different formats, and extracting content from PDFs.  This blog post will..

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Web Scraping Amazon Inventory – A Complete Guide

August 18, 2021Category : Blog eCommerce and Retail

Amazon’s e-commerce platform provides a wide range of services. However, they do not provide easy access to their product data. As a result, everyone involved in the e-commerce industry needs to scrape amazon product listings in some form. Whether it’s for competitor research, comparison shopping, or creating an API for your app project, we’ve got..

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Ways to Bypass Anti-Scraping Tools on Websites

August 9, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

In this era of tremendous competition; enterprises use all methods within their power to get ahead. For businesses, the unique tool to ace this game is web scraping. But this too isn’t a field without obstacles. Websites employ different anti scraping tools and techniques to block your crawlers from scraping their websites. But there is..

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