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Global Data: Key to Access COVID-19 Impact

November 10, 2020Category : Blog

Data is playing a major role in the response towards COVID-19. As countries all over the world are trying to track the spread of the virus, more and more officials find themselves relying on data to reduce the effect of the virus now and shortly. To achieve this, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics seem..

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Sentiment Analysis Of Twitter And The US Presidential Elections

November 3, 2020Category : Blog

This is our present political social life: we don’t just create political strife for ourselves; we seem to revel in it. When we look back on the role that sites like Twitter have played in our national political discourse during election season, it would be easy to spend most of our time examining Donald Trump’s..

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How to Analyze Twitter for US Presidential Election Trends

October 28, 2020Category : Blog

When it comes to alternative data sources, Twitter is the gold mine of social media data. While multiple social media platforms have gained mass popularity, some nuances of Twitter make it the most favored among companies and individuals who want to use social media data to build predictive models and extract information. You can use..

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Scraping Social Media Websites for Brand Audit

October 20, 2020Category : Blog

While web scraping has been on the rise for many years. Its uses and applications have grown with time. This can be attributed to multiple factors such as – better web scraping solutions. The rise of big data analytics, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis, the use of alternate data sources, and more. More and..

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Scraping eCommerce Websites for Price Matching

October 12, 2020Category : Blog

As the consumer becomes more aware, they learn to compare the prices of any product they want to buy, say, the latest phone or a simple toothbrush across websites. Around 80% of consumers visit multiple websites to compare product prices. Therefore, it makes sense for businesses, especially those that deal with consumers directly such as..

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A look into Web Scraping Flipkart Using Python

October 1, 2020Category : Blog eCommerce and Retail

How to Scrape Data from Flipkart Using Python Being one of the largest e-tailers, Flipkart also has a ton of data at the disposal of web scrapers. Be it product information, price details, specifications for electronic items — the website has it all. Whether you are testing an eCommerce scraping tool, trying to find eCommerce..

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Web Scraping Tool VS Web Scraping Services

September 23, 2020Category : Blog

Today, most companies are trying to integrate data-backed decision methodologies into their existing business workflows. This calls for better data sources that can provide updated data streams. Since the web is the biggest source of data, many companies are tapping into it, to gather information and derive insights. But every website and every webpage follow..

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Semantic Search And Its Impact on Search Results

September 17, 2020Category : Blog

Say you want to know who wrote the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  You go and type these keywords “Uncle Tom’s Cabin Author” in Google search engine. The keywords do not form a proper statement, but Google can understand what your search query implies. It can relate to the word ‘author’ to Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The..

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Using Python to Scrape Yelp data

September 10, 2020Category : Blog Classified

How to Scrape Yelp Data Using Python Founded in 2004, more than 15 years ago, Yelp is a popular American website (also an app) for customer reviews. Local businesses such as service centres, food businesses are all listed on Yelp’s app. It also allows companies to buy advertising space on their website to reach more..

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Web Scraping: The Biggest Data Source for Machine Learning – Promptcloud

September 2, 2020Category : Blog

The web is a massive data source, where terabytes of data get added every single day, and older data keeps getting updated. Machine Learning requires web scraping data from different websites to make accurate decision making for companies and research. No wonder, it remains one of the best data sources for Machine Learning (ML) based..

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