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Data Mining

Why Choose PromptCloud for your Data Needs?

Social Media Data

Mine data from social media sites to discover valuable information on competitors to uncover trends and consumer conversations about your brand.

Image Mining

Scrape and analyze images from large and small scale data sets and turn them into actionable insights that you can readily use.

Word and PDF Mining

We have the capabilities to extract and analyze data from large text databases, PDFs, Microsoft Word, or printed material.

Industry Insights

Aggregate industry web content, including market trends, industry competition, competitor sales data, and industry growth channels to get detailed insights.

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Use Cases of Data Mining Services

Scrape Social Media for Data

Scrape data from multiple web pages Scrape billions of posts to analyze trends and keep pace with shifts. Quickly access the latest social media data, right from our cloud tool.


Text Mining

Extract data from massive volumes of text captured in databases. Set the frequency of the crawl based on your requirements.


PDF Data Extraction

Extract information from PDFs and other resources with intelligent web data mining tools. Automate data aggregation with PromptCloud.


Online Web Data Crawling

Extract online web data from any source in seconds. Automate data aggregation and download structured data in any format.


Features in demand for Hosted Web Scraping Services

Data Mining

Aggregate data from a multitude of internet sources to make actionable recommendations.


Data Enrichment

Sort through millions of websites in real-time to pull back structured, actionable data.


Enterprise Crawling

Our enterprise crawling automates data mining, integrating API with your system to deliver data seamlessly.


Automated Web Scraping

Crawl and extract large amounts of data continuously with our automated web crawling solution.


Why PromptCloud?

PromptCloud is a leading web scraping solution provider that helps businesses make insightful decisions and improve operational efficiency. We aim to be the preferred growth partner for our customers by collaboratively transforming data into a business advantage through transparent, on-time, and quality deliverables.


Fully Managed

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The two terms are often confused, and people even use them interchangeably in some cases. While both may seem to be the same thing, they are not. Mining carries out analysis in the databases to evaluate the existing database and large datasets to turn raw data into useful information and find trends and patterns. On the other hand, data profiling also analyses raw data from existing datasets and collects statistics or informative summaries about the data. Read more.

Data Analysis and Data mining are two subsets of business intelligence. Data mining is a process of extracting usable data from a larger set of raw data. On the other hand, data analysis is a process of extraction, cleaning, transformation, modeling, and visualization of data to extract meaningful and useful information that can be beneficial in deriving conclusions and forming decisions.

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