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Hosted Web Scraping

Why Choose PromptCloud for your Data Needs?

Web Scraping Services

We take care of end-to-end web data scraping demands, from setting up web crawlers to maintaining and generating clean and comprehensive data.

Easy to Handle

Our easy scraper supports all types of websites and ensures quality delivery irrespective of the complexity of your requirements.

Real-Time Data

Get live web data from your list of sources at unprecedented speeds. We value your time and deliver data by your desired timeline.

Easy to Scale

Extract data from thousands of web pages with easy scraping techniques. We are at pace with handling data of any volume and complexity.

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Use Cases of Hosted Web Scraping Services

Automated Web Scraping

Automate web data extraction at scale with our easy scrape. Quickly access the latest data, right from our SAAS-based cloud tools.


Web Crawling

Acquire the data you need from websites of your choice, irrespective of industry. Promptly access quality data with our in-house custom crawling services.


Screen Scraping

Collect screen display data to derive actionable insights. The frequency of the crawl is set depending on the use case and your requirements.


Online Web Crawling

Extract online web data from any source in seconds. Automate data aggregation and download structured data in any format.


Features in demand for Hosted Web Scraping Services

Big Data

Scalability and enterprise-grade web data extraction are our forte



Crawl multiple sites and get data delivered in structured format as continuous feeds


Automated Web Scraping

Automate the complete process of data extraction with schedule scraping


Price Scraping Service

Gain real-time market visibility with our AI-driven pricing data from the web


Why PromptCloud?

PromptCloud is a leading web scraping solution provider that helps businesses make insightful decisions and improve operational efficiency. We aim to be the preferred growth partner for our customers by collaboratively transforming data into a business advantage through transparent, on-time, and quality deliverables.


Fully Managed

Completely Customizable






Web scraping and data mining are two different concepts, though they have common areas of application. Data mining is a process of identifying or discovering patterns from large data sets. Web scraping is a kind of content mining where useful or required information is collected from websites using automated code structures.

Screen scraping/crawling has a variety of applications in a data-driven world. It aids in the creation of alternative data and market research documents, price monitoring, human capital optimization, robotic process automation, and almost every other field. Screen scraping service is used largely by investment and hedge fund firms to make financial projections and calculations.

A web crawler, often called a spider, spider bot, or crawler is a piece of code that systematically browses the web to index information that can be extracted from websites. A web crawler software begins with a list of URLs to visit. It then identifies all major hyperlinks on the page and adds them to the list of URLs to be visited. They are then visited recursively according to a list of pre-set policies.

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