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Price Scraping Serive

Our price scraping service can extract pricing, product, stock availability data from your competitors' and partners' sites, helping you devise and implement a robust pricing strategy.

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How does Price Scraping Service Works

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  • Submit requirement

    Submit the following information to get started:
    ● Sites to crawl
    ● Fields to be extracted
    ● Desired frequency of such crawls
    Step 1.
  • Receive sample data

    According to the specified requirement, we’ll provide the sample data by setting up the crawler. You need to validate the data and the data fields present in the sample file.
    Step 2.
  • Finalize the crawler

    After you consent, we’ll finalize the crawler setup to proceed with the web scraping project and upload the data.

    Step 3.
  • Access

    Finally, you’ll download the data either directly from CrawlBoard or via our API in XML, JSON or CSV format. Data can also be uploaded to your Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP account.
    Step 4.

Applications of Price Scraping Service

  • CompetitivePricing

    Whether you are an ecommerce company, an airline or a hotel brand, pricing data from competitors allows you to stay agile and tackle dynamic market conditions.
    Step 1.
  • Reseller Management

    Monitor pricing data of various products sold via different partners and ensure that they meet your terms and conditions (e.g., minimum selling price).
    Step 4.
  • Monitoring Marketplace Ranking

    Search ranking in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay based on multiple factors (title, description, brand name, etc.) and perform continuous optimization.
    Step 7.
  • Promotion and Trend Spotting

    Data collected over time can unveil trends associated with product pricing and how your competitors promote their products with discounts and deals depending on the market condition and events.
    Step 2.
  • Demand Analysis

    Demand analysis is a crucial component for planning and shipping products. Product pricing data coupled with customer reviews can answers important questions such as: Which product will move fast? Which one will be slower?
    Step 5.
  • Price ComparisonSites

    Price comparison sites are the go-to destination for most ecommerce shoppers and travellers before making the purchase decisions online. Price data extraction can be used to power a price comparison site.
    Step 8.
  • High-valueInsights

    Data extracted from competitors’ site will give a complete picture of their product catalog. This will answer some the important questions such as: Which product can attract premium price? Where can we give discount without incurring loss?
    Step 3.
  • Fraud Detection

    Web crawling can be used to automatically extract product data points to detect if there is significant fluctuation in pricing and find out the genuineness of the seller.
    Step 6.
  • Research andAnalytics

    Market research firms can use price data scraped from multiple ecommerce websites to derive insights on different niche markets about pricing, demand and availability.
    Step 9.
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