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Live Crawls

Get live data from websites via custom API using pre-defined input format. If your data requirement is time-sensitive, live crawls can give you the data in near real-time. Our live crawling solution ensures secure data delivery from your target websites, saving your time and resource.

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The digital world we live in is constantly creating an ever-increasing stream of data. Utilizing dynamic data has become the key to business success. Having worked for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we make real-time data extraction easy with our live crawls.

A live crawler is an advanced form of web scraper for the extraction of real-time data. Scraping live data empowers users to extract as much data as they want. This effortless data mining from search engines and websites enable users to use real-time crawlers for processes, including SEO monitoring, competitive analysis, customer intelligence, pricing intelligence, and much more


Our live crawling solution is ideal when you don’t want historical datasets but instead crawl for real-time insights. Our live crawler allows you to get real-time data as and when your user enters a search term on your site or app. PromptCloud’s live data crawlers are set up in advance to extract information from your list of sources. With the real-time data delivery method, our platform internally crawls the results, extracts and mines data, and returns structured data via the same API.

How does real-time data scraping help?

  • Deploy live crawlers and extract billions of data points from thousands of web sources

  • Crawl large volumes of near real-time data with custom-built web crawlers deployed in PromptCloud

  • Monitor sites and gather real-time feedback for improved asset maintenance and upgradation

Real-time data scraping advantages include gaining more for less, as you can still get the massive chunk of data you need, but without having to spend so much in acquiring and maintaining a data harvesting program. Live crawler can be a game-changer for your business.

Quick Live Crawl Implementation

At PromptCloud, we can help you quickly implement live crawls within a short period of time. Our core focus is on data quality and speed of implementation. PromptCloud can fulfill your custom and large scale requirements even on complex sites without any coding in the shortest time possible. We have ready to use live crawl recipes as a result of our vast experience in building large scale web crawlers for multiple clients across different verticals. We also have an awesome customer support team to understand every customer’s needs and help them go live in record time.

Key Uses of Real Time Crawler


Product information, like pricing, description, customer reviews, images, are available on online marketplaces and updated from time to time. Extracting dynamic information allows you to evaluate products’ competitive position and develop strategies for pricing and stocking. Live crawler can help in monitoring competitor actions in the market.


Companies are becoming more attentive to customer experience management than ever before. Extracting all reviews of a product on e-commerce sites can help decipher how customers feel about the product by analyzing the positive and negative feedback. This helps in understanding customers’ satisfaction level in real-time.


Dynamic data analytics helps businesses understand which strategy worked best in the past, the current marketing strategy that is working well, and what improvements can be made. Extracting dynamic data enables businesses evaluate a marketing strategy’s success in real-time and make precise adjustments accordingly.


Pricing Intelligence

An effective pricing strategy has the most immediate impact on maximizing profits and, when managed well over time, leads to steady business growth and customer loyalty.
PromptCloud’s real-time price data delivery can help you build the pricing intelligence to tackle complex dynamic pricing challenges. For pricing intelligence, a real-time crawler is more ideal. You can easily integrate it, its cost-efficient, very reliable, and also easily scalable.
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E-commerce Websites

As the world transitions to an e-commerce-based buying model, the need for analytics to integrate and analyze e-commerce data has grown immensely across markets.

Our live data scraper was made to support the data collection needs of e-commerce websites and support the scraping of data from the most popular online markets. Use our real-time crawler to extract data from product offer listing pages, reviews, product pages, questions and answers, search results, or any URL that you need.
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SEO Monitoring

PromptCloud’s live crawling solutions enable companies to collect and evaluate real-time engagement data procured via various sources efficiently.

A live crawler isn’t just made to support company websites but also popular search engines. By leveraging these customised crawlers, you can get paid and organic SERP data and ranking data for any keyword in the format of your choice. With a real-time crawler for search engines, you can find the most profitable keywords and follow up on their performance.
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Custom Site

Custom Site Crawl

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Hosted Indexing

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Market Research

Data For Market Research

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A live crawler is an advanced form of web scraper for extracting real time data. Live crawler or real time crawler is ideal when you don’t want historical datasets but, instead, require to crawl for real-time insights.

Yes, with web scraping, you can get live or real time public data effortlessly from the web. Our live crawler enables you to collect and evaluate real-time engagement data procured via various sources efficiently.

Yes, the live crawler is legit unless you use it unethically. With a live crawler, you can extract the publically available data and save it in your database or any other structured format.

We would require the list of websites you need to scrape, the fields you want to scrape (specifications if any), and the frequency with which you want to crawl the sources.

Our live crawler is designed in a way that you will have access to data almost at the same time. For detailed information, you may contact our team.

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