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Hotel Pricing: Leverage Web Scraping to Price your Hotel Right

June 17, 2021Category : Blog Travel

The hospitality industry is steadily growing over the years and shows no sign of slowing down. Digitally literate travellers are making use of online platforms for planning, booking, and experiencing a journey. Not to be left behind, the hospitality industry is increasingly getting to grips with the concept of big data and the numerous ways..

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Web Scraping at Large: Data Extraction Challenges That You Should Know

June 11, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Large scale web scraping has become a hot topic among people with the rising demand for big data. More and more people hunger for extracting data from multiple websites to help with their business development. However, many challenges, such as blocking mechanisms, will rise when scaling up the web scraping processes, hindering people from getting..

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Flash Sales Data: How Web Scraping Helps Businesses Win Big

June 4, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

What differentiates a successful business from a mediocre performing business? We say it is their sales and marketing strategy. Of course, a properly planned assortment of the inventory items and offers will take you a long way. But there is one factor that can boost your already superb sales output. That factor is timing. It..

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Online Travel Agencies Post COVID: Data is the Savior

June 2, 2021Category : Blog Travel

Online Travel Agencies or OTAs are the commanding force in the travel industry. Their collaborations with major airlines and hotel chains make their service inevitable. But, COVID-19 has created many difficulties. Due to this, in this ultimate battle of survival, data is on the winning side. OTA data can remold their operations and marketing and..

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Why Amazon Sellers Can’t Afford to Overlook Competitor Reviews

May 28, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Are you trying to expand your online presence? Or, are you seeking to enter into a niche market? Do you already have an online store but want to draw more traffic? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, having an Amazon store could be an excellent option for you. Being an Amazon..

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Web Scraping: How Small Retailers Can Start Post-Pandemic

May 25, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

The COVID-19 pandemic was a litmus test for businesses worldwide – small, big, or medium. According to a local economic impact report by, about 97,966 companies have shut down due to the pandemic. Yet, while business owners grapple with finding a silver lining, there is much you can learn about the marketplace and your..

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All You Need to Know About Text Mining

May 20, 2021Category : Blog Data

Text mining is a fairly new playground for those who have been recently initiated into the world of automation and data scraping. Text Mining is one of the most important ways of drawing insights from and processing unstructured data: which, in essence, is over 80% of the data available. Even though we live in a..

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The Only Guide You Need to Understand Screen Scraping 

May 17, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Screen scraping is the newest buzzword in the super dynamic world of technology. Unfortunately, it is almost often misconstrued as data scraping. But it is one of those classic cases of ‘all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs’. Screen scraping is a way of drawing out all data from a digital display..

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Extensive Use of Web Scraping Services in Research

May 12, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

In a world where information is being spread at the speed of light through the Internet, it’s becoming incredibly difficult to keep track of it all and tell the truthful data from the false one. This is when web scraping services come to the fore to help you and make the situation much easier for..

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COVID-19 Google Trends Analysis – PromptCloud’s New Study

May 10, 2021Category : Blog Data

Of everything going on, we took an interest in what people are most searching for on the google search engine while the coronavirus outbreak. We would agree that COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has changed many lives drastically in some cases. Having to take responsibility for keeping yourself and the ones close safe and healthy,..

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