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Retailer’s Guide to Product Pricing for Holiday Season

May 20, 2020Category : Blog

Retail is defined as “the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale” according to Google. And such a sales format was relatively simple until recent years. People had a few choices. Everybody would have a handful of retail stores around them, which they could..

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Web Scraping Advantages And Dis-Advantages

May 5, 2020Category : Blog

Introduction To Web Scraping: As the name implies, web scraping means capturing and storing the web data displayed on a website. Web Scraping Service is nothing but an essential software facility capable of extracting information from the websites on the internet in a fast and efficient manner. There are scores of techniques of web scraping..

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Web Scraping Service Outsourced Better Than In-House

April 1, 2020Category : Blog

Introduction To Web Scraping: We are in a data-centric world, where data is the most powerful commodity of all. We use a large amount of data for various purposes like machine learning, data mining, market research, financial research, etc. To get data of such scale and complexity, we crawl the source websites. Hence, web scraping..

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Customer Spotlight with Treebo – Budget Hotels in India

March 30, 2020Category : Blog

With the rise of a population that wants to travel without burning a hole in their pockets, companies that cater to this market was also inevitable. One of the leaders in this segment is our client, Treebo – which is a budget hotel chain brand that needs no introduction to the typical Indian traveler.

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Web Crawling An Unconventional Guide

March 25, 2020Category : Blog

Introduction To Cloud Scraping and Web Crawling: Web Crawling is a method done by companies to source and extracts information from various websites that have information that is available publically. It is a technique in which data extracted from web pages in an automated way. The scripts can load can extract the data from multiple..

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March 20, 2020Category : Blog

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be on top of mind and we’ve been actively monitoring updates from the government and the fraternity to help us manage through this rapidly evolving situation.  Based on the most recent stats on the exploding number of cases and travel guidance issued by the Govt of Health Ministry, we recommend that..

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Web Analytics, Functions And Its Use

March 11, 2020Category : Blog

Introduction: What Are Web Analytics: Analytics is the main measurement and analysis of all the data to inform an understanding of behavior across web pages. Many platforms measure activity across all the pages. Analytics always measure activity and behavior on a website. Web Analytics is the measurement or the collection, analysis, and reporting of web..

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