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How to Leverage Product Feeds to Boost Sales?

March 12, 2021Category : Blog eCommerce and Retail

As a retailer, don’t you want your product to automatically pop-up in the list of suggestions for search queries? Don’t you wish to gain higher visibility across multiple channels? How gratifying it would be to have complete control over the content displayed for your product! A well-built product feed can accomplish the same for you…

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Six Data Resources for Ecommerce Data Scraping

March 9, 2021Category : Blog eCommerce and Retail

The power of data can’t be overestimated. From the instant messaging platform you use to the picture-sharing app you use; they are all seemingly innocuous and free. But are they really? The real cost of using any of these digital platforms is your personal data. Likewise, with the continuing rise of the e-commerce industry, the..

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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update and What it means for Data Privacy

March 3, 2021Category : Blog Enterprise

WhatsApp used to be one of the most popular free-to-use and advertisement-free messaging services. But there has been a lot of hue-and-cry over its ever-changing and intrusive privacy policies. To understand the recent changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policy and why they were brought about, we need to understand how WhatsApp makes money. Instead of showing..

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Debunking Ten Web Scraping Myths

March 2, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

Web scraping. Sounds extremely familiar, doesn’t it? There are countless articles written on the web scraping every day. But, how do you tell a great one from a good one? What should you really believe? Given that the world wide web is a goldmine of information, it gets easy to believe what is not entirely..

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Can DIY Web Scraping Tools Serve Enterprises Effectively?

February 24, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

When it comes to scraping data from the web, different web scraping tool take different approaches. Automated Web Scraping often uses bots to extract data from multiple webpages of a website. Screen grabbing is another technique where the aim is to capture the specific pixels that are selected by the user, instead of delving into..

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Data and The Competitive Edge it Gives Your Business

February 22, 2021Category : Blog Data

Gathering data in 2021 to get a better grip on your consumers (or any of the stakeholders) is not a difficult task. In fact, it has become so easy that you actually run a real danger of having too much data to deal with. Data champion Bernard Marr in an article says: “While the regular..

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Is Scraping Sports Data The New Way To Beat Your Competition?

February 16, 2021Category : Blog Entertainment

Scraping Sports Data may be the difference between building a winning or losing team.. Many of us might have seen or heard of the 2011 biographical drama, Moneyball which is an account of a basketball team’s manager’s attempt to assemble a winning team using data and a limited budget. Ever since different metrics related to..

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The Importance of Data Normalisation

February 3, 2021Category : Blog Data

Companies have always used data to stay on the top. When businesses worked out of brick and mortar stores, most of this data crunching was offline since the datasets were smaller. As more companies have moved their businesses online (or at least parts of it), datasets have grown in sizes and now reach sizes up..

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Data Governance and Why Organizations Need It?

January 27, 2021Category : Blog Data

Data Governance includes people, processes, rules, regulations, policies, and standards that are required by a company to achieve its data-management goals. While the business team is usually in charge and helps create the processes required, the technology team helps automate these processes and breathe life into them. At a macro level, it is a part..

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How to Evaluate Web Scraping Services

January 25, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

The world wide web – the entire world and its many wonders is congregated at the tip of your fingertip. But how do you access all relevant data to make an informed decision? Who will do that for you? Web scraping service providers. If you do a quick and simple Google search: web scraping service..

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