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How to Evaluate Web Scraping Services

January 25, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

The world wide web – the entire world and its many wonders is congregated at the tip of your fingertip. But how do you access all relevant data to make an informed decision? Who will do that for you? Web scraping service providers. If you do a quick and simple Google search: web scraping service..

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How can You Become a Data-Driven Organization?

January 18, 2021Category : Blog Data

Data-driven organization seeks to optimize data and its repercussions in way of their daily decision making. They have a thorough process to turn raw numbers into actionable insights and actionable points into raw data again. This vicious circle is what drives these data-driven companies at every level. There is no real dearth of data. But..

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Machine Learning vs Predictive Analysis: Difference and Usage

January 12, 2021Category : Blog Enterprise

Machine Learning Machine learning is a computational technique in which different algorithms can be used to generate models from data in real-time. These models are then used to produce consumable results from fresh data. As more data is fed into the system with time, the model automatically evolves based on its new learnings. Machine Learning..

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What is Web Scraping and Why Do Businesses Need it?

January 6, 2021Category : Blog Web Scraping

The typical uses of web scraping are only limited by our own imagination. It crawls and extracts large amounts of data from literally all websites for a plethora of uses such as price monitoring, financial data spidering, analyzing news aggregation, to name a few. Scraping and crawling are empowering businesses to create new products and..

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Data Quality in The Age of Big Data

December 23, 2020Category : Blog

What is the first word that conjures up in your mind when you hear the word data quality? It’s difficult to really define it in real objective terms. Why do we need it but? Just because of the sheer amount of data that is available. The ‘size’ of data is no longer tin TB’s but..

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Is the Absence of Quality Data Limiting the Growth of AI?

December 22, 2020Category : Blog

The Future of AI lies in The Hands of Quality Data Sounds a little absurd doesn’t it? Shouldn’t the future lie in the hands of man? But if you look at the growth of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to spot that the latest innovations have piggybacked on the massive amount..

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Why Web Scraping should be at The Core of Your Business Strategy

December 16, 2020Category : Blog

You have just had a review meeting with the top management, and launching new products in the market seems to be the next goal. As a strategy champion for multiple business units in a consumer business, you have brainstormed and dissected the strategy with the BU owners, and have narrowed down what options make the..

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Web Scraping IMDB for The Best Movies and Shows

December 7, 2020Category : Blog Media

Would you like to know what are the top-250 movies of all time? Or the best comedy shows that have ever hit the small screens? For all such answers, reviews, ratings, and trivia related to the world of movies and shows, people all over the world use IMDB, which is an online database of such..

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Are you still Scraping In-House?

December 1, 2020Category : Blog

Most brick and mortar businesses have taken to the web today. For any business that goes digital, data is of utmost importance. A lot of this data is used for making business decisions. From deciding the prices of goods and services to getting an idea of the competitors, uses are manyfold. Most of this data..

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Research Powered by Web Scraping

November 23, 2020Category : Blog

What does a trader, digital marketing specialist, event manager, Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur have in common? PromptCloud finds out how web scraping for research activities are done, in this blog. They all thrive on data. Data is the newest clutter breaker. Okay, maybe not the newest, but definitely the one that withstood time and tide…

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