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Scrape content off the web for conducting a study, sorting, and labeling data by subscribing to a no-code SaaS application. Courses like Data Science and ML require a lot of data for the purposes of validation and propel data driven insights. This data is further used to extract insights and create visualizations.
Super Apps
The creation of these apps is solely dependent on the content generated by the user while using them. The companies push relevant recommendations to users for detailed targeting and identification, in turn creating a personalized user experience.
The data collected by healthcare professionals helps to understand human behavior and genetics. It can also be used to identify new types of viruses or bacteria that can spread to humans. This data is further used for conducting research and the thesis of a study.
Marketing and Research
Extract data from social media platforms, unformatted texts, review websites, and analysis systems to perform thorough marketing research in a domain.

About Data Stock can help you meet your data requirements. Readily understand millions of records of customer reviews that can be used to understand the feelings, attitudes, emotions, and opinions from user-generated content. It can also be used to perform timeline analysis and trend spotting for a quick peek into the future.


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