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Strategically plan to acquire new talent by planning ahead, even while skills change dynamically. Build efficacious and practical strategies using historical and real-time data insights for skills, job roles, compensation, and industry distribution.
The EdTech industry is expected to grow at 18% YoY for the next 5 years according to a recent survey conducted by ReportLink. Real-time labor market data helps identify the career opportunities for students enrolled in LMS programs.
Private Equity
Use data analytics throughout the investment cycle to generate market insights and understand the competitive nature of the marketplaces. Make data-backed decisions for hiring and reducing attrition in PE firms.
Easily improve the quality of company structure, strategy, and performance by implementing the latest trends using analytics and data insights. Lower talent acquisition costs by acquiring the labor market data available at your fingertips.
Easily evaluate data received from universities and colleges for decision-making strategies using detailed insights that can help faculties and students for tracking growth. We help to collect, process, and analyze jobs related data from various geo-locations.

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JobsPikr is a leading web scraping solution that helps businesses make insightful decisions and improve workforce efficiency. We aim to be the preferred growth partner for our customers by collaboratively transforming data into a business advantage through transparent, on-time, and quality deliverables.


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