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Twitter Data for a Set of Keywords

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Twitter Data for a Set of Keywords


A social listening platform for enterprises

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The client wished to use its social media intelligence platform to run analysis on specific tweets. These tweets had to have a set of keywords or phrases and Twitter was to be monitored for the same. In addition, tweets were to be collected only from specific countries in Europe. Since infrastructure involvement was high and client’s core competency was not crawling big datasets, they wanted a facilitator for all this data.

The Solution

PromptCloud monitored tweets from specific countries using geo-location tagging capabilities and extracted tweets that matched any keyword or phrase from the list of 5000 keywords provided by the client. Extracted data was indexed on PromptCloud’s API so that client could query it using combinations of “AND”, “OR” and “NOT”. The queries returned results in JSON format that the client could consume for further use.

Benefits to the client

  • Dynamic lists of keywords that could be modified anytime
  • Continuous feed of relevant tweets as they appeared
  • Single line queries could be performed like “Honda and sports” OR “Hugo Boss and NOT fragrance” (only examples)
  • Ready-made data alleviating all tech-aches

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