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The Intro

With 1 billion active monthly users as of June 2018, Instagram is one huge treasure trove of social media data and a boon for data scrapers. While using Instagram to stay connected to your customers is necessary, there is more to be done using the data available.

Whether it is individuals or competitor businesses you are keen to keep an eye on, Instagram data can provide you insights into marketing campaigns, trends and more. If you are looking to crawl social media data, Instagram should be the place to start.

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The Brief

Why should you crawl Instagram?

600 million users
Reflects the current market trends
High marketing potential
Best place to gather data for sentiment analysis

What you can do with Instagram data?

Here are some of the applications of the data extracted from Instagram:
Identify influencers: You can use our crawling service to identify and extract influencer profiles from Instagram including their Profile URL, Handle, No. of followers, Post data including comments and likes and more.

Reputation management: If people are talking about your brand or product on social media sites like Instagram, you should be monitoring this activity to ensure a clean image. Our web crawling services can be used to monitor and crawl data for a set of keywords from Instagram.

Brand sentiment monitoring: If you are planning to run sentiment analysis on top of social media discussions, scraping Instagram data can useful. The huge user base of Instagram can be leveraged to perform extensive sentiment analysis.

Provide real time support: Prompt customer support is no more an option. If you want to identify customer grievances and provide them with real time support, monitoring Instagram using web crawlers would be the best way forward.

Scraping data from Instagram: You probably think only of photos when you think of scraping Instagram data. However, it has the ability to exceed your expectations due to the bulk of data available. A simple hashtag can help you spot trends. You can search for specific locations, occurrences of keywords, and more. You can use all this data to design your marketing campaigns. You can identify influencers using our crawling service. You can perform sentiment analysis on comments scraped from your own Instagram profile to ensure you have a clean image. You can provide prompt customer support by monitoring comments of users who need assistance and getting back to them in real-time.


Being a niche process, building an in-house Instagram scraper demands high-end resources and technical skills. At PromptCloud, you can rest assured that all you need to do is give us the data points required, and we will take care of the rest. We feed the data points provided by you into our crawler engine, and once a continuous data feed is started, we clean the scraped data and save it. This data is delivered to you in a ready-to-consume format which can be CSV, XML or JSON, via different types of delivery methods such as Amazon S3, REST APIs or Dropbox.


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