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About the Client

Client: The client is a leading German ecommerce company specialized in the online sale of home improvement items, personal care products, accessories, sports goods, and daily essentials. Founded in 2003, their products are distributed all over Germany by about 100+ dealers and distributors.

The client is looking to expand its overseas presence across EMEA and APAC with innovative product offerings across the next three years.

Region: Germany
SectorE-Commerce Industry

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Business Challenges

The eCommerce client was seeking to expand business operations across new geographies. The company was on the lookout for new auto dealers sprouting in new markets and data on their competitors’ expanding dealer network to expand further.

eCommerce Outlook for Investment

The client’s in-house web scraping solution required overheads. The development team, tasked with web scraping sophisticated datasets that would enable the end customer to make a purchase decision, was delivering scattered, inconclusive results. The entire process needed an overhaul.

The client was looking for a data scraping service provider that delivers fast, reliable, and structured data to build the company’s growth strategy. In addition, they wanted to gather auto dealer details that matched specific criteria, such as being listed on other competitive websites in the geographies of their interest with a significant market share. And, the company also wanted this data to be presented and organized in a manner that would help the company make decisive decisions.

The client required a reliable web scraping solution which could automate the web crawling process across various sources of data and generate actionable datasets faster than anyone else on the market. PromptCloud’s quick turnaround soon emerged to be the cornerstone of their technology solution and helped them maintain a measurable competitive advantage in the market.

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Solutions Offered

After sifting through a plethora of web scraping service providers, the client decided on PromptCloud, a Data as a Service Provider that didn’t just provide data but also automated each step of the process. Speed of setup and prompt support was one of the reasons the client decided to choose PromptCloud.

Implementation Process

Set up the Crawler: Initially, the crawler was set, which scrapes auto dealer’s information, ecommerce product data, and necessary data fields for predefined categories on a regular basis. 

Data Template: Depending on the schema given by the customer, a template was made using data structuring.

Delivery of Data: The concluding data was delivered within an XML format through Data API based on an everyday basis without manual involvement from either side.

Implementation Timeline

As soon as the crawl specifications were finalized, we started setting up the crawlers and were delivering the data in no time. For all the sources, we had the entire setup up and running in about two working days. 

Business Impact

Countries for Real Estate Investment

PromptCloud was brought aboard as a value-added web extraction solution to do the heavy lifting of structuring the company’s competition data. Our custom web scraping services reaped lasting rewards for the ecommerce company. The speed of process, ease of API integrations and the authenticity of data compelled our client to use our scraping services recurring monthly from what used to be an annual affair. The data they received was fresher and more relevant and helped them function as a lean organisation taking effective measures to increase sales on the ground through sophisticated real-time information on the dealer network.

“One of the biggest compelling reasons that got me to choose PromptCloud was that they reached me super fast and offered a super quick turnaround time of two days which really proved instantly that they were the one we should partner with. Having the right data in hand, we can now focus on our growth plan.”, says the Founder.

With PromptCloud, our client reduced inefficient overheads and time-consuming methods that were proving to be expensive roadblocks in their growth path. In addition, our web scraping service came in handy and helped the organization achieve the scale of operations that it so desired. The client was able to expand its overseas presence across EMEA and APAC with innovative product offerings in less than twelve months.

  • The PromptCloud team managed any alterations within the source websites.
  • Lower data turnaround time has improved the capability of client’s capabilities and services.
  • Productivity improved as the data had enough time to work on other projects. The client extended into other business verticals.
  • Value-addition from this project was around 50 times the spending.

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