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Although multiple APIs are provided for users looking to get product information, using a web scraper is the optimal way to extract data from Amazon. Extracting product details and reviews; monitoring stock count, rating and price; scraping bestselling product and seller details are a few things that can only be done by using a fully customizable web scraping solution like that provided by PromptCloud.

Here are some benefits of using a web scraping service to crawl Amazon products:

  • Extract product details that aren’t available in the Product Advertising API
  • Monitor Price, Stock count, Rating etc.
  • Scrape and analyze seller details
  • Extract product reviews
  • Scrape best-selling products
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Amazon Product Crawler

Extracting product data from Amazon is usually done by employing bots to visit and extract data from different web pages under specific categories automatically. Data extraction from Amazon requires you to define the data points required and the category of products. While crawling product pages on Amazon, the commonly extracted data points are product title, price, seller name, variant, reviews, rating, etc. The next step in the process is building a crawler program to extract the data. Setting up the crawler is a technically demanding task and requires skilled labor for which you can depend on a web scraping service provider like PromptCloud. We take care of the technical aspects, leaving you to attend to your business.

Data delivery

The frequency of crawls can be defined at the time of crawler setup which will decide how often you get the data. The product data crawled from Amazon can be delivered in JSON, CSV or XML formats. The delivery methods are customizable too. The choices range from PromptCloud API, Amazon S3, Dropbox or your own FTP server.

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