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Amazon Product Feed Extraction And Crawling

Our Amazon product feed extraction and crawling service can be used as the go-to data source for price comparison engines, shopping sites and more. Data delivered is comprehensive Amazon product data from deep websites.


Many sites have data sources that are structured but some sources are hidden in the deep web. Amazon is a great example of a deep website. Here, query is entered as text in search box and results narrowed by adjusting filters. Once desired products are displayed, product details like prices, model numbers etc. embedded in HTML are accessible. Amazon database is structured yet hidden webpages remain behind forms.

Our expertise is reaching behind these webpages to crawl and extract product-relevant details which you may desire.
This is done by programming special web crawlers that parse HTML to retrieve data in structured file format (XML/CSV/JSON).

Amazon product feed can include data such as Product title, cost, description, details, availability/shipping info, product code, rating, reviews etc.; including data that is spread over multiple pages.

The advantage with PromptCloud’s site crawling is that there is no limit to the amount of data which can be extracted. Ours is a cost-effective scale-able model, where configuring crawlers is fairly easy. PromptCloud services are tailor-made for practical e-commerce solutions. Our data solutions make it easy and convenient for use-cases as varied as comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and even mobile-commerce.

Through our scraping and extraction services we help build product-focused sites by providing product data feed. A data feed can be thought of as a sheet of all products, where every product is a row and columns stand for attributes (or fields) of that product. Attributes include name, landing age, price, image, source URL etc. This is the data that interests those looking to build shopping comparison sites.

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Comprehensive eCommerce Data: Amazon Product Feed

Through our crawling services, we ensure we extract as much data as possible and as requested by the client. This may entail extra work in writing more code, but the comprehensive data feed generated makes it not just appealing, but highly useful.

Another aspect is feed regularity. We update our data feeds at regular intervals(as agreed upon) to ensure that clean, fresh data is available all the time and inaccuracies are eliminated.

Search engines constantly add to the increasing traffic of prospective customers to a modern website store. Hence, feed regularity and completeness are important to drive quality traffic. To understand this, imagine product ads over the Internet are on sale for the next few days or worse, become out of stock! This reduces the expectation of the visiting customer because of the inconsistent offering. This potential customer is forced to look for alternative sources to buy this product from. Hence, it’s imperative that product data feeds are accurate and updated regularly.

Amazon product feeds are also amazingly cost-effective since they can be monetized quite easily. Since e-commerce and digital marketing go hand-in-hand, it is fairly simple to use this data to build advertisements; especially considering that product data feeds must also be synced to different formats that search engines demand.

Another way this monetization can be achieved is by proper product categorization. When PromptCloud extracts products and fields, we ensure the categorization remains intact and accurate. Since users are familiar with a certain listing of products on sites, this offers a clear way to categorize the product. Searches made easy via product categorization not only turn up relevant results for customers but also help in hooking the customer to your website, eventually leading to check-out and confirmed sales.

Our Amazon’s Product feeds make your website populate quickly, driving traffic to your website and ensuring your customers get updated product information, every time, any time.

Why PromptCloud

Aggregating product data feeds requires focus and resources. Standalone scraping software cannot get around large inventories or mitigate changes in site structures. As a Data-as-a-Service provider, we also render support to even customize data feeds to meet specific demands. Our Frequency & Normalization service converts all product-level information into clean, consumer-friendly data that successfully paves the way for higher conversion rates and sales.


  • Focused product data feeds
  • Cost effective for multi-channel marketing
  • Comprehensive product data coverage from behind forms and queries
  • Data delivery inXML/CSV/JSON format via REST-API
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