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Scrape and Extract Amazon Reviews

Amazon is arguably the world’s best Ecommerce portal and they have been dominating this space for quite a while now. Being a large Ecommerce portal with about 304 million customers worldwide, Amazon is also a great place to find reviews about products from all the categories. Amazon has its own algorithm to make genuine reviews more prominent than the unverified and less reliable ones. All of these factors make Amazon the best source website for anyone looking to crawl and extract customer reviews. You’re also likely to find reviews for almost all products that you might need, thanks to their extensive catalog. You can check out our recent post in which we published our findings by analyzing the reviews posted for Amazon Echo Dot 2.

Let’s take a look at how and why you should extract customer reviews from Amazon.

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Use cases of scraping Amazon product reviews

Businesses in the retail, manufacturing and research spaces have a multitude of use cases with Amazon customer reviews. Some of the popular applications are:
Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis is crucial for identifying the views (both in terms of polarity & emotions) of customers towards a brand or product. For example, if you are a mobile phone manufacturer (like Apple or Samsung)  or a small-scale seller with a fashion store on Amazon, you might want to check what customers think about your products. This can in turn help you redesign your existing products or come up with new ones to fill existing demand gaps.<
Natural language processing: Natural language processing (NLP) aims to enable machine to understand the context behind human languages. Since human languages don’t always follow a standard, machines would require large amounts of user generated data to learn. Amazon customer reviews data can be perfect if you are looking to extract user generated text content from the web.
Machine learning training: Machine learning is all about making machine capable of solving complex problems by providing them with a model and training data. The training data should be provided in large quantities to achieve an adequate performance score for the ML system. Amazon customer reviews can be a great source for machine learning training data.
Brand monitoring: In this highly competitive market, brands should always on the lookout for unidentified customer grievances to address. If left undetected, negative reviews posted by customers can even be fatal for your business. When it comes to data for brand monitoring, amazon customer reviews can be a great source along with the prominent social media platforms and forums.

How to crawl and extract Amazon reviews?

Extracting customer reviews from Amazon can be challenging if you don’t have the resources required for web scraping such as a team of programmers, scalable infrastructure and an extensive tech stack. Add maintenance and monitoring to this and scraping customer reviews can seem like a tough nut to crack.
If you are looking to extract customer reviews data from amazon, the most convenient way is to rely on a web scraping service provider like PromptCloud. With about a decade of experience in the field of web data acquisition, we can get you data from the web, the way you need it. Here are some of the benefits of our web data extraction solution:

  • Fully customizable scraping infrastructure
  • We handle all the complex aspects of scraping
  • Fully managed solution
  • Maintenance and  monitoring to detect site changes
  • Clean and ready-to-use data
Looking to crawl Amazon reviews? Let us know about your requirements.

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