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Scrape Product Information from Target, Walmart and other ecommerce websites

E-commerce websites have a host of products for sale. Whenever there is a product put up for sale, there has to be product information associated with it. Pricing, images, specifications, product IDs and brand names are some of the most common data points you will find on the product pages of almost every e-commerce website. Giant E-commerce websites like Walmart, Lowes, Target, Home Depot and the like have huge amount of product data that you can use for your business advantage. This data can be used for many different purposes in business and marketing. Insights from such data help you to get an edge in the competition as data scraping is becoming the most reliable way to monitor your market and competitors.

Although some sites have their APIs, most of the time, you will have to rely on data scraping to extract the product information.

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What can you do with Product information Feed?

Product information scraped from E-commerce sites can be extremely useful and has so many use cases. If you are in the E-commerce industry, product information from your competitor sites can give you competitive intelligence. Pricing of various products is an invaluable data point to extract from competitor sites. This can be used as reference while pricing similar products on your E-commerce platform. When it comes to decision making in business, any data that you have about your competitors can prove to be crucial.

How is Product information extracted?

Extracting product information from E-commerce sites is a technology intensive process. Web crawlers are set up to crawl and extract data that matches the criteria of required content. Considering the complexity, it might not be viable for your company to carry out data scraping in house. It could also mean drainage of resources and energy on a process that should be outsourced.

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