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How Job boards use Web Scraping services

Job Boards

Job boards are the sites that helps connect employers with job seekers. Employers can post their job postings to invite applications from eligible job seekers. The main asset of a job board website is the huge number of job postings to display. They get these naturally from companies looking for employees. This data is what makes the site rich and useful for its users. What if the job board site still lacks in the volume of job postings?

Web scraping is used to aggregate huge amounts of job postings from all around the web at one place. The feeds scraped from various websites can be displayed on a job board making it rich with job postings.

Job boards set up crawlers to crawl and extract data from source websites that contain job postings data. These sites are crawled regularly so that newer listings are not missed. Some job boards still use manual methods to crawl data from the web which is not cost efficient at all. But the best alternative is to depend on a dedicated web scraping service to cover your data scraping requirements.

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How are web scraping services helping

Web scraping services can take the pain of crawling, extracting, monitoring and refining data from job posting sites and deliver this data in a ready to use format to the job boards. Many job boards use web scraping services to collect data from thousands of sites on the internet containing job listings. Mostly, job boards use this data on their site while redirecting visitors to the original site upon clicking on the links. Scraping job listings from the web is a process that needs high-end technology skills which makes outsourcing it a better option for most companies.

What data do job boards collect?

  • Job postings
  • Company profiles
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee profiles

Benefits of using a web scraping service

The high level of technical skills that the web scraping procedure demands makes it difficult for a job board to do this in house. There are obviously better aspects of the business that a job board site should concentrate more on. Web scraping service will take care of all the obstacles that come in the way of crawling and extracting data from numerous sites making it easier for the job board site.
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