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Web scraping is undoubtedly the easiest and cost efficient way of mining job data from the web.

If aggregating job listings from popular job sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster is your requirement, you can blindly go with our reliable Indeed Crawler and rest assured, you will keep getting the data you need, in time.

How is web scraping carried out?

Web scraping is a niche process which requires advanced programming skills and an extensive technology stack along with adequate infrastructure. The first step in the process is to define the sources. Sources are the sites from where data would be extracted. Once the sources are defined, a web scraping provider can figure out how to extract the required data points from these source websites programmatically. The rest is taken care by your scraping provider and data points extracted are refined and structured to what suits your requirements. The frequency of crawling and extraction is set according to the client requirements.

In the case of Job listings extraction, some of the best sources are sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed and Monster. These sites contain thousands of Job listings which are extremely valuable for jobs data aggregation, labour market analysis or simply for lead analysis if you are a staffing agency. Public resumes too can be extracted from some sites like Indeed for candidate screening and the likes.

Given the complexity and level of attention required for web data extraction, it takes a leading web scraping service provider with adequate expertise to get clean, structured data from the web consistently.Common data points you can extract with Indeed Crawler

  • Job postings including job titles, location, wages
  • Company profiles
  • Job descriptions
  • Candidate resumes

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