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Scraping Job Data for a Series of Niche Job Boards

A highly customized web scraper was designed to scrape and scrape from the target job boards.

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A leading company with multiple business entities related to job boards

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Job boards


Site-specific crawl and extraction


The client wanted to acquire multiple large-scale job feeds for several niche job boards by crawling popular job boards across the globe. The data points that the client needed were Job postings including job titles, location, wages, company profiles, Job descriptions, and candidate resumes.

The Solution

A highly customized web scraper was designed to crawl and crawl from the target job boards. The complete data acquisition layer was fully automated to integrate with the client’s internal processes. PromptCloud’s dedicated quality assurance and success team ensured that the time duration to ingest data was reduced and the maintenance of the data pipeline was always on point.

– Client could monitor the job listings of important and relevant job boards in real-time. They were able to configure alerts to get notifications when old job postings were taken down and new ones were posted.

– The client was able to keep their niche job boards updated with fresh job listings which attracted new candidates and clients. This directly contributed to their bottom line.

– Web scraping solution normalized and standardized data fields, so ensure easy and automatic ingestion by the client’s database.


  • The complex technical aspects of data extraction were taken care of by us
  • It took only a few days for the initial setup after which data started flowing consistently
  • Our advanced tech stack handled huge amounts of data effortlessly
  • The client was able to enrich their job portal with an enormous number of listings within a short period of time.
  • Million of job listings were delivered on a daily basis at a highly efficient pricing.

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