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Crawl Amazon Products

Using automated data extraction for crawling amazon products can provide you with valuable data that can be used in the Ecommerce industry.


Since Amazon is the undisputed leader when it comes to Ecommerce across the world, data from Amazon is of high ROI. Getting hold of this amazon product data is a complicated task, although there are web scraping services that can help you aggregate data from amazon easily. Here is how web scraping for amazon product data works.

The Crawler Setup

Setting up of the crawler is in fact the second step in the web crawling process. But since the source here is known to be amazon, the first step of identifying the sources can be skipped. In the crawler setup, the person setting up the crawler examines the source code of product pages on amazon. This is done to identify the tags that hold particular data points that are needed for the extraction. Once the tags are identified, it’s time to program the crawler. Programming the crawler requires technical skills and is the most complicated task in the crawling process. Once the crawler has been programmed, it can be deployed on high end servers to be run. The crawler will start saving the extracted data to a dump file.

Cleaning and Structuring

Once the data has been scraped and saved by the crawler setup, the data has to be cleaned and structured before it can be used. This is because the scraped data would initially have unwanted html tags and other noise. Once it is cleaned of this noise, it has to be structured to be compatible with the analytics system or a database.


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Benefits of Amazon crawl

Amazon has a huge catalogue of products which makes it the best source of Ecommerce data. This data can be used for price intelligence, content aggregation, building an image search engine or running an Ecommerce price comparison website. The use cases with Ecommerce data are endless and you could even discover your own use case depending on your business model.

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