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Get Product Data from Amazon Using ASINs

Amazon is a great source for extracting product data that can be used for various business use cases. If you have a list of ASINs for which you need to extract product data from Amazon, then it can be achieved by using our hosted web scraping solution. ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) are unique blocks of 10 numbers and/or letters that are used to identify items listed on Amazon. Typically, the ASIN of an item can be found on the product information page for that particular item on
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Scraping product data for a list of ASINs

If you have a list of ASINs and are looking to crawl the associated product data, setting up a web crawler would be the ideal solution. Here is how you can get started with getting product data for your list of ASINs.

  • Provide us with the list of your ASINs
  • Specify the frequency of crawls
  • Specify the data delivery format
  • Specify mode of data delivery

Once we receive the requirements, our team will start the setup process which involves programming the web crawler to extract data corresponding to the list of ASINs. Data can be crawled and extracted at the frequency required by you – typically depends on how often you need fresh data sets. Once set up, we can deliver the data in popular formats like XML, JSON or CSV. The mode of delivery can be direct upload to your S3, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, GDrive, Azure or Box accounts depending on your preference. We can also do a hosted indexing where we host the data in our own servers and make it available for querying through an API.

With our years of expertise in data crawling and web scraping, you can be rest assured about getting high quality structured data the way you want, consistently. Reach out to us now to start scraping product data for your list of ASINs.

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