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Amazon’s reach is unrivaled among Ecommerce market players. Amazon’s catalog boasts over 400 million products and beats Google as the first stop for product searches. Our Amazon ASIN scraper can be used to access Amazon product details on a regular basis, without any hassle.
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To keep all those products organized, Amazon uses Amazon ASIN number. ASINs or (Amazon Standard Identification Number) are unique blocks of 10 numbers and/or letters that are used to identify items listed on Amazon. Almost every product in Amazon’s catalog has one, and understanding them is key to selling on this marketplace. Wondering how to get ASIN number from amazon? Well, typically, the Amazon ASIN code of an item can be found on the product information page for that particular item on If you have a list of ASINs for which you need to extract amazon product information, it can be achieved by Amazon ASIN scraper.

What is ASIN number?

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies products on Amazon. It’s unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazon’s catalog. Almost every product on Amazon has an ASIN code except books (they use the ISBN or International Standard Book Number in place of an ASIN). Getting this Amazon identifier for your products is necessary before you can sell them on Amazon. If you are wondering how do you find the ASIN number , it is quite easy. While many use the Amazon scraping tool to extract data, it does not give the best result.

For any single product sold on Amazon, there should only be one ASIN code and one product detail page. This makes it easier for customers to navigate Amazon’s massive catalog. Any duplicate products and their ASINs are eventually merged. Before you sell an item on Amazon, check if an ASIN already exists for that product. If there is one, you can start trading by creating an offer under that ASIN. When you do this, you share the ASIN with every other seller offering the same product. This is generally the case for resellers, retailers, and products with wide distribution.

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If an ASIN doesn’t exist, then you’ll need to create a new product in Amazon’s catalog first. Once you’ve created a new product, Amazon will assign it a unique ASIN, and you can begin selling. This is commonly the case for brand owners, private-labels, and sellers with exclusive distribution rights.

You can find an Amazon ASIN code using the search box on Amazon’s homepage or within the Add a product page of your Amazon Seller Central account. Search by product name, model, UPC, or EAN.

Why to Use Amazon ASIN Scraper?

If you have a list of ASINs and are looking to scrape amazon product data, setting up an amazon web crawler would be the ideal solution. Here is how you can get started with getting product data for your list of ASINs.

  • Provide us with the list of your ASINs
  • Specify the frequency of crawls
  • Specify the data delivery format
  • Specify the mode of data delivery

Once we receive the requirements, our team will start the setup process, which involves programming the web crawler to extract data corresponding to the list of ASINs. Extract amazon product information at the frequency required. Once set up, we can deliver the data in popular formats like XML, JSON, or CSV. The delivery mode can be directly uploaded to your S3, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, GDrive, Azure, or Box accounts, depending on your preference. We can also do a hosted indexing to host the data in our own servers and make it available for querying through an API.
With our years of expertise in web scraping amazon and other leading e-commerce sites, you can be rest assured about getting high-quality structured data the way you want, consistently. Reach out to us now to scrape amazon product data for your list of ASINs.

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