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Scraping Manufacturing Data

Scraping web data, especially manufacturing data is one thing and scraping it in such a manner that it is usable, structured and absorbable by the business, it is supposed to be for, is another.


In case of e-commerce websites, scraping of data occurs rampantly, for price wars, seasonal discounts, sales, item attributes, and more. With thousands of products, ranging across hundreds of categories, you do not want to end up with incorrect data because you extracted information about one product on your website, from another similarly named product on another website.

What is Manufacturer part number?

This is where the manufacturer part number comes in. The manufacturer part number is a unique pin number given by the manufacturer, that is assigned to every item that their brand makes- every product, accessory and variant will have a different manufacturer part number, and you can actually find a catalog of just individual products, and their unique part number. In fact, suppose you have the same item, available in two colors, both of them will have a different part number. So, the part number is a unique way to identify an exact product match, extract its information, as well as its price.

Why should you do it?

Incorrect data or dirty data is the bane of all businesses and if you are collecting product information or prices without using a unique identifier then there is a huge chance of things going wrong in scenarios like-

Trying to match the price of a product with a different variant of the same product.
Gathering information of a different product under another product, resulting in customer woes and dissatisfaction.
Serious business implications which might even result in a lawsuit, due to displaying wrong information on your website.
So, when you have a unique identifier like manufacturer part number, you need to assign it to your product database and use it to gather information.


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How to Scrape Manufacturing Data

Although collecting the manufacturing data and part number, setting it to different products, and then using it to gather more information by scraping the web might sound simple in plain English, they involve complicated machine learning tools and algorithms, and to quickly integrate such systems into your business, it would be better if you went with a service provider like PromptCloud, since we provide ready-to-use solutions.

What you need for your growing business, is data-driven solutions, using a web scraping solution such as PromptCloud’s site-specific crawl and extraction, that gets us data, in a clean and structured format.

Trying out data crawling algorithms and mining data on your own might still be easy to set up, comparatively, but managing it on a long-term basis such that you keep adapting to the changing security protocols, or trying to collect data across different websites, and across different unstructured format, is what makes things complicated. This is why it is best to leave these to the experts who have been working in this field for a long time.

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