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Scrape Hotel Listings And Hotel Prices

Scrape hotel prices and listings from the travel and hospitality websites, for real-time data feed on hotels.



Applications of Scraping Hotel Prices and Listings

Hotel scraper can be used to get all the details related to hotel pricing, availability, customer reviews and more, to fuel your travel portal and business.
There are various applications to scraping hotel listings from the websites. Some of the popular ones are:

Maintaining consistent pricing: Companies that are into the hospitality space like hotels and resorts need to maintain a consistent pricing across different online portals from where they accept bookings. This is integral to gain customer trust and avoid price conflicts that could arise from a lack of visibility into the pricing structure across various travel portals. In order to have ready access to the pricing across various online portals, companies can make use of our dedicated web crawling service which will fetch live prices from a predefined set of websites as per your requirements.

Competitive intelligence: Many a times, the difference between a sale and no sale is a minute difference in the pricing. It goes without saying that with the ease of comparison provided by the internet, customers are more price conscious than ever. To maintain a leading edge in this competitive era, access to the pricing data from your competitors can prove to be highly resourceful. You can fine-tune your pricing structure with reference to that of your competitors, once you have ready access to the data. We can help you get the prices from your competitors’ websites in near-real time with our live crawls solution.

Building a travel search engine: If you’re looking to build a travel search engine, you would need large amount of hotel listings data along with the prices to populate your website. Hotel listings data can be extracted from online travel portals or travel aggregator sites on a recurring basis to be delivered as travel data feeds. You can easily connect this data with your database to make your travel search engine rich with information.

Data points: These are the common data points extracted while scraping hotel listings from the web

  • Hotel id
  • Hotel name
  • Room type
  • Price
  • Check in date
  • Check out date

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Being one of the pioneers in enterprise-grade web scraping, we have been extracting data for various business use cases from websites belonging to different niches including travel. Our extensive tech stack and high-end web crawling infrastructure can handle large-scale data requirements with ease.

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