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Scrape Hotel Reviews Across Travel Portals and Review Sites

Scraping hotel reviews from travel websites is now a common practice among hospitality businesses looking to level-up their game with the help of advanced analytics.

Whether it is a national travel portal or a popular review site, you can track and monitor your customer success stories easily.Hotel reviews left by guests on travel sites are a great source for unbiased customer experiences which can be analyzed in order to derive actionable insights. For example, if you are a luxury hotel chain looking to understand your customers better, you could easily extract hotel reviews from travel sites to go about it. It is also a good idea to extract reviews on your competitors’ hotels since it will help you identify their weaknesses and strengths which would bolster your market strategy. While there’s no scarcity for hotel reviews on online travel websites, most businesses lack the expertise, infrastructure and resources to crawl and extract hotel reviews from travel sites in an efficient and automated manner.

At PromptCloud, we specialize in large-scale web scraping solutions and have been catering to use cases such as this where or clients wanted to crawl and extract hotel reviews from travel websites. Being a fully managed service, you as a customer don’t have to be involved in the technically complex aspects of web crawling and data extraction. This helps you focus on just the applications of the hotel reviews data and other core business functions.

Applications of Hotel Reviews Scraping

Customer experience has become the most important differentiator for almost all types of businesses after the convergence of social media and other technological innovations which gave more power to the customers. If you don’t make customer experience your top priority, get ready to lose out to your competitors who do. This is where most of the applications of hotel reviews come in. By carefully analyzing the hotel reviews, businesses can derive valuable insights about the customer and their demands and priorities. The unbiased nature of these reviews makes it even more valuable to you as a hospitality business owner. Here are the most popular applications of hotel review scraping.

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1. Understand Your Consumer Preferences

Staying up-to-date with your customer preferences is no more an option but a crucial requirement for running a successful business. If your hotel isn’t addressing the demands of the customer, you are leaving money on the table as well as contributing to customer dissatisfaction. To address this, it is imperative to first understand what your customers are looking for. Scraping hotel reviews can help you identify a host of issues that are bothering your potential customers. You can then go ahead and tweak your customer service to further improve them.

2. Brand Monitoring

With the widespread proliferation of social media, customers are more vocal than ever before about both positive and negative experiences they have with various products and services they use. Brand image is extremely important as it directly translates into customer loyalty and business growth. This also means your business can take a serious hit by even one bad experience shared online by a customer. In order to maintain a positive brand image, your business should be all ears to customer grievances. Brand monitoring can enable you to stay updated with the customers and detect unaddressed issues before they can escalate to a PR nightmare. Scraping and extracting hotel reviews from travel website is an easy means to stay in the know.

3. Competitor Analysis

Just as it is important to monitor your brand online, it’s equally important to keep a tab on your competitors considering the ever so competitive nature of the today’s business world. Sometimes, reviews left by your competitors’ customers about their services can help you identify low hanging fruits which you can capitalize on. For example, if the reviews on your competitors hotel pages hint at the demand for a certain service, be the first one to incorporate that to your offering. This can easily help you drive more sales without having to invest a lot in research.

4. Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing is witnessing solutions driven by machine learning which are focused on enabling machines to understand the context behind human languages. NLP systems are at play when you are using voice assistant platforms such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana and most translation tools. Huge amounts of user-generated content is required to train a NLP system and hotel reviews data makes for a great source.

How Scraping Hotel Reviews Work?

With our fully managed service, you don’t have to be bothered about the complexities associated with extracting hotel reviews. The project starts with the requirement gathering phase where you simply have to share the specifics of your requirement such as the sites you need to crawl, frequency of crawls and the data fields to be extracted. Once we’ve established the feasibility of the project, our team will set up the crawlers and start delivering the data in your preferred format and frequency. We support data delivery in CSV, JSON and XML via Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, FTP, API and more.We take end-to-end ownership of the scraping aspect and deliver the data you need, the way you need it. You can submit your requirements below to get started.

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