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Monitor Prices Across Ecommerce Websites

eCommerce price monitoring tool works has web crawling and scraping as the technological backbone, to deliver the pricing data at real-time, across multiple webpages and product categories.



This data can be used to gain business insights and analyse market trends. The main barrier is technical when it comes to crawling eCommerce sites to collect pricing data. Businesses want data in huge volumes to derive useful conclusions from it. Since the data requirement is huge, there is huge demand for data crawling services that can crawl and extract the pricing data. eCommerce websites can use the extracted pricing data to use as a reference in pricing their products accordingly.

Use cases of Price crawling

1. Comparison shopping websites
Comparison shopping sites can make use of price crawling services to fuel their websites. Price data fetched from E-commerce sites being the main data requirement for a price comparison site, this should be taken care of with utmost care. Price crawling services can provide continuous feeds at the desired frequencies depending on your requirement. It is ideal to depend on a price crawling service provider as it will give you more time to concentrate on other aspects of your website apart from data.

2. E-commerce companies
Price crawling services can benefit E-commerce companies in a variety of ways. The pricing of products by a competitor can be extracted in bulk and this data can be used while deciding the prices for similar products on your platform. Many E-commerce companies depend on price data crawling services to get an idea about the competitors pricing. This data can also be very helpful in gap analysis and gaining product intelligence. Price point analysis will help E-commerce companies price their products in such a way that it doesn’t incur loss. It can also help in understanding your competitors’ catalog selection.

Benefits from price crawling data

  • Can be used for brand monitoring
  • Sentiment analysis of products
  • Product reviews analysis
  • Analysis of pricing trends

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How we set up ecommerce price monitoring?

We set up crawlers to extract price data from E-commerce sites from a specified or all categories depending on the client’s requirement. The crawled price data is cleaned up to remove unwanted elements that find their way into the crawled data. Finally, we deliver clean data in the client’s preferred format.


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