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Travel sites with flight booking facility have detailed information about the flights connecting between major destinations.
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If gathering flight data is your requirement, to scrape flight prices and schedules using web crawling and extraction is the best way to proceed on this route.The data can be used for running your own aggregator site by getting a constant supply of flight schedules and pricing data from the web. In fact, scraping flight data is all you need to start your own travel company. Travel sites have the flight schedules and price data which is available to be crawled and extracted using website scraping.

Why to Scrape Flight Prices and Schedule

Practically speaking, web scraping is the only way to aggregate huge amounts of data from the web in a short span of time, or on a daily basis. Given the massive amounts of airlines data in question, other manual methods of data collection become impossible in the case of data aggregation for businesses. Web crawling solutions also cost less, which makes your data acquisition project affordable.

How Airline Price Scraping Works

Source: Airline websites

Data points you can get: The data points you can get related to flights are usually the flight names/ID, date of journey, departure time, arrival time, status and the price. Apart from these, there can be other data on the booking sites like the facilities available in the flight, the stops if there are any and the total journey time. Any such extra data can be scraped depending on the availability of the data on source websites.

You can run your own price comparison site using the scraped flight prices from travel sites. Price comparison crawl is done daily and new prices are updated to the existing datasets every day. The flight schedule data can be extracted from travel sites using programmed web crawling bots and data be delivered in the preferred format.

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