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Commercial Real Estate Data Scraping

The airline industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate. In recent years, the use of new technologies, a drive toward centralized planning, and the entry of new industry players have drastically changed the way the airline industry operates. Moreover, air travel has become a routine, and it would be tough to imagine a life without it. The airline industry has also remodeled how individuals live and conduct business by reducing travel time and altering the concept of distance.

With the maturity of the airline industry, the players have also mushroomed, each trying to win over consumers by enchanting them through value and innovation. The customers, too, expect something more with every flight they take. Companies in the airline industry are stepping up their game by leveraging advanced airline data mining techniques and trying not just to satisfy customers’ expectations but also surpass them.

PromptCloud helped an American airline major improve customer satisfaction by 2X by optimizing their pricing strategy, thus enhancing their profits by 17%. The case study covers:

Client’s web scraping objectives and challenges

How PromptCloud executed this project

Business outcome delivered

About the Client

With more than 10 billion data points on US commercial and residential properties, our client is the nation’s trusted resource for real estate intelligence, including indices that track trends like construction and remodels. Their products serve the entire real estate ecosystem, helping them to answer essential questions about property improvements, structural risks, and changes over time.

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Business Challenges

A real estate intelligence agency cannot afford to have gaps in its residential or commercial property data. After dabbling in and growing out of in-house web crawling methods that were not yielding on-demand data that their customers wanted to buy, our client decided to look for solutions. Extracting data from various sources and storing information manually was a tedious and expensive task prone to errors.

Besides, the client’s in-house solution required overheads. The development team, which was tasked with the responsibility of web scraping sophisticated datasets that would enable the end customer to make a purchase decision, was delivering scattered, inconclusive results.
The product manager required a reliable web scraping solution that could automate the web crawling process across various data sources and generate actionable datasets faster than anyone else on the market. After sifting through many DIY web scraping tools and software, the client decided on PromptCloud, data as a service provider.

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Solutions Offered: Commercial Real Estate Data Scraping

Initially, we worked closely with the client to understand their requirements. The client presented a list of source websites to be crawled. The data requirement was huge as the client wanted to scrape data fields, such as Title, Street Name, City, State, Zip Code, Price, Facts and Features, Real Estate Providers, and URLs.The data had to be extracted on a daily basis.

Our team set up crawlers to fetch the data points from the provided source sites. Since every website in the source list had a different structure and design, site-specific crawl and extraction was the offering that suited this case. Based on the client’s preference, the data was uploaded to the client’s Azure servers in XML format. After stabilizing the crawlers, PromptCloud was able to deliver millions of real estate listings on a daily basis.

Business Outcome

With PromptCloud, the client reduced inefficient overheads and time-consuming methods that were proving to be expensive roadblocks in their growth path. Our web scraper came in handy and helped the organization achieve the scale of operations. This further helped the client to improve their market position by delivering smart insights from the data. 

Our data automation capabilities reaped lasting rewards for the real estate market intelligence company. The ease of functioning and the authenticity of data compelled our client to use our scraping services for their other crawling requirements. The real estate market data helped them function as a lean organization taking effective measures to increase sales through sophisticated real-time information.

Benefits to the Client

  • Real estate data scraping helped the client in effective data visualization. The further helped them to assist their customers in property value tracking. 
  • The complicated cases of dynamic websites were effortlessly handled by our tech stack
  • The client was able to start their market research using the delivered ready-to-use data within a short time span
  • The cost of data was significantly lower than what the client would incur with an in-house web scraping setup
  • With qualitative and applicable empirical data rather than obsolete or incomplete knowledge, the client could derive smart insights.
  • They built trend analysis with variables – pricing, search keywords, sentiment, reviews, geo differences, and much more.

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