$ month

  • Free records per month
  • Number of data fields
  • Data API access
  • Data archival period
  • Email support
  • Custom schema
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Custom reports

Monthly Crawl


  • 10k
  • 6
  • Unlimited
  • 15 days

Daily Crawl


  • 50k
  • 15
  • Unlimited
  • Flexible



  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Flexible
Our customers are in awe of our professionalism
  • Guy Champniss
    The pricing and quality of service allow our engineers to concentrate on the projects closer to the core of the business, with the security of knowing PromptCloud is servicing these other projects with the same level of rigour and precision we’d expect from our core team.
    Guy Champniss, VP-Insight & Outreach
  • Prithvi Dhanda
    I came across PromptCloud while searching for data crawling companies on Google. PromptCloud offers a comprehensive API which has made the collection and processing of data relatively easy. Their customer support is also very re-assuring.
    Prithvi Dhanda, Founder
    Sentiment Search
  • Finn Gilling
    PromptCloud delivers hassle-free service at fair prices! Very simple in data delivery; they are supportive and provide 100% effort.
    Finn Gilling, Founder
    Gilling – Automated Decision Intelligence
  • Neil Griffin
    PromptCloud has provided us with excellent quality of work for many years. Would highly recommend their solutions.
    Neil Griffin, Director of Data Operations
    Scorebig Inc.
  • Dani - DanDan
    With PromptCloud, it became evident that focus on quality and timeliness were paramount. They have helped us grow our business without compromises.
    Dani Ariss, Managing Director and Founder

Trusted by businesses of all sizes.

Still not convinced?

Check out our FREE feeds for some of the popular sites from e-commerce, travel and job domain
that get updated weekly.

What's the billing frequency?
Do you have any referral program?
We have a comprehensive rewards program which also has referral program as a component. Get PromptPoints for various activities such as addition of websites for crawling, long-term partnership and referral; redeem the points to pay for monthly invoices.
What does the monthly site maintenance & monitoring fee cover?
The monthly maintenance and monitoring fee covers technical support, overheads in maintaining the data pipeline and related infrastructure as well as fixing the crawlers in case a target site undergoes structural changes.
Are there any minimum commitments?
Yes, our service comes with a lock-in period of 6 months. Once we setup a crawler, we would expect the site to be crawled for a minimum of 6 months at a frequency of at least one crawl per month.
Is there any limit on the number of fields that could be extracted?
Yes, our basic offering assumes a maximum of 6 fields. More fields can certainly be extracted at the rate of $10 for every 5 additional fields.
6Can PromptCloud handle blocking mechanisms deployed by websites while crawling?
Yes, owing to our years of expertize in web scraping, we can apply range of techniques to avoid getting blocked by websites. Some of the common techniques are low crawling frequency, IP rotation, usage of Proxy, headless browsers, user agent rotation and spoofing.
How do I receive invoices?
Invoices get generated during the first week of every month and you will receive it in your registered email address. You can also login to CrawlBoard to view the invoices.
How do I make payment?
PromptCloud accepts credit cards and all payments will be processed by PromptCloud itself does not store any financial data of you and your credit card in our database, this is all and only securely processed by Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and has in turn been certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of certification available. You can confirm Stripe’s certification in Visa’s registry of service providers.
Does the frequency of crawls change pricing?
Yes, our pricing plan is based on crawling frequency. Volume charges may increase based on the number of records we deliver, which may be directly related to the crawl frequency.
Can I dynamically add or remove sites?
Yes, new sites can be added any time. Just that the newly added sites will incur their own setup fee and time for setting up crawlers.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes! Our offerings have data volume as a factor. We will be happy to work out attractive discounts in case your monthly data volumes are expected to be in millions.
Are there additional charges if I wish to receive data in my FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox?
Yes, for customized delivery mechanisms (FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox or Box), there will be an additional fee of $30 per month. Our default delivery mechanism is via PromptCloud Data API, which is free.
Do you support one-time data extraction?
Although our model is most suited for recurring data needs, we do entertain one-time requests once in a while if your requirements excite us.
Do you crawl social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook?
As a crawling company we respect the robots.txt file. Some of the social media platforms (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn) legally disallow crawling and hence, it will not be feasible to extract data from such sites. Please reach out to us for feasibility study.
What are the prices of add-on services like expedited delivery, hosted indexing etc?
Add-on services and their pricing are as below:
  • Expedited Delivery (within 2 business days for up to 5 sites): $100
  • Hosted Indexing: $150 per month
  • Image Downloads to your file sharing server: $5 per 10k images (prorated)
  • Merging Data Files: $30 per month
How does sample feeds work? Do you require credit card details for the same?
Sample feeds are free and can be subscribed to without a credit card. We crawl a few selected sites/categories in a predefined format and frequency (weekly in most cases). The data is then made available as free sample feeds. There will not be any technical support or customizations for sample feeds.
Can you offer differential pricing?
We may be able to group similar websites and setup crawlers. Hence, there is a possibility of offering a different pricing model for you.
What if I am not happy with the data? Do I get my money back?
In case we are unable to meet your requirements due to unexpected site behavior or any other reason beyond our control, we'd refund your payment.
How is the monthly bill calculated?
Monthly bill is calculated based on the crawling frequency and data volume. Eg: If we are crawling a site on weekly basis and deliver, say, 50,000 records in a month, cost for this site on the monthly bill would be: $15 (for volume fee) + $79 (towards site maintenance & monitoring fee) = $94 for the month. Note – this is assuming volume fee to be $5 per 10k records (prorated) and monthly site maintenance & monitoring fee as $79/site.
Got more queries? Reach out to us.
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Introducing PromptPoints: Get Rewarded for Acquiring Web Data
Extracting web data pays for itself and anyone who’s ever gathered the goldmine of information that’s scattered around the web for augmenting their big data strategy needs no further explanation for this statement. Our growing client base is one of the best indicators for the increasing popularity of web data as a growth driver. At PromptCloud, we provide great value to our users by doing all the heavy-lifting associated with web data extraction in the background, to deliver data sets that are cleansed, deduplicated and of really high quality. However, we decided to make web scraping all the more rewarding to our loyal users. ‘PromptPoints’ was ideated to be used as a data currency which would be awarded to our clients based on their usage of our services and this can be redeemed against invoices for various services.

Let’s take a look at how you can earn PromptPoints:

PromptPoints are awarded depending on your usage of our services and the more you use them, the more points you earn. Simple as that. Win-promptpoints

1. Addition of new sites

Every time you add a new site to your existing project, you will earn 100 points.

2. Successful referrals

Refer your pal to sign up with us for a custom crawling project and we’ll give you 200 points while your friend gets 100 points. 

3. Points for long-term partnership

Additionally, you earn 500 points every six months for using our services on continuous basis. Note that there should be six payments on regular basis for monthly invoices.

Redeeming your PromptPoints:

Redeeming your PromptPoints is easy and hassle-free. Once you have accumulated the points, your monthly invoices will be autmatically discounted by 10% of the total points value (5 PromptPoints are equal to $1). On completion of one year (payment for 12 monthly invoices), your next immediate invoice will be discounted by 50% of the accumulated points. You can always see the points you earned and redeemed by going to the history tab in the PromptPoints page.