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How Automobile Dealer Data Extraction Works – PromptCloud

February 18, 2019Category : Blog
How Automobile Dealer Data Extraction Works – PromptCloud

The automobile industry has been booming. The US itself is a huge market for automobiles. As per NADA, since 2018, the nation’s 16,794 franchised dealers sold more than 8.6 million light-duty vehicles. New vehicles’ sale touched a figure above $500 billion. At the same time, dealerships ordered 155 million repairs, where services and parts sales racked up $58 billion.

However, a location-wise Automobile Dealer Directory might be missing online. And in most cases, the information is gathered either through personal contacts or using a quick location-specific Google search. In case you are trying to crawl data regarding automobile dealers, you could use Google search itself, and use keywords which should include- “car dealer”, along with location and the car company name. Then you could try the first few links (that are not promoted by Google), and extract information from them. This can be repeated for various locations and car companies using an excel sheet. However, the scale and efficiency of manually extracting automobile dealer data are extremely limited.

For scraping the data in an automated manner, you could use PromptCloud’s web crawling services once you have a list of websites ready. Being a fully managed web scraping service provider, PromptCloud can give this data in a plug and use format. As long as you have gathered the sources with due diligence, your data would be clean and reliable. But in case you are not even aware of which cars are more popular in which countries or states, you could first crawl data to gather that information. For this, web data again would be the best option.

All car dealers across the world advertise themselves heavily so as to lure more customers. Scraping data from online communities and social media portals can help you gather information on popular automobile dealers. Many. Apart from this, there are several other sources to extract automobile dealer data on the web and all this data is waiting for you to crawl and use.

With the worldwide web growing exponentially, no matter which research you are pursuing or application you are building, the web is the best place to gather data, and the same applies to crawl data on Automobile Dealers. Whether you are building an application that will use your location and find you your closest car dealer, or whether you want to build a ranking and reviewing website for automobile dealers, web data will help you build your data repository and fill your app or website with information, to begin with.


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