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What is Web Crawling?

If you are looking for ways to extract data from websites using automation, a web crawling solution is the best method to go about it. Our fully managed web crawling service can help you acquire the data you need irrespective of your use case or industry vertical.

There is no limit on the data you can get from the web as long as the website legally allows site crawling. We establish the feasibility of the site crawls as you reach out with your custom requirements.


How our Web Crawling Services Work

PromptCloud is one of the best web crawling service providers, supporting clients with their data requirement for more than ten years now. We work on a custom DaaS model where we set up crawlers to extract and deliver the data, the way you need it.
It starts with the requirement gathering where you tell us about the sites you need data from, data fields to be extracted, and the frequency of crawls.

Once we receive the requirements, we would run a feasibility check to make sure the site is crawlable. If all is good, you are prompted to make the payment, post which we will set up the crawlers and start delivering the data you need on a continuous basis, in the format and delivery method as chosen by you.

The data format options are XML, CSV and JSON and the data can be delivered via FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Gdrive, Box, Azure, REST API and more. Since the data feeds provided go through cleansing processes that would remove noise and duplicate entries, the data you receive is clean and structured.

Popular Applications of Web Crawling Service 

1. Pricing intelligence
Having access to the price data from your competitors’ product catalogs can be the fastest shortcut to eCommerce success. With our low latency crawls, you can get price data from any eCommerce portal on the web in near-real-time. The price data can be used to fine-tune your own catalogs so as to have an edge over the competition. Price crawling can also be used to build your price comparison website.

2. Cataloging
If your eCommerce portals have a huge number of products, it can be difficult to update and maintain product descriptions and images. We can extract product data from OEM websites and eCommerce portals to help you with cataloging. Cataloging also helps you discover new categories that you can tap into while giving you all the data you need to build your ecommerce catalogs.

3. Market research
Market research typically requires a large amount of data from hundreds of websites to derive sound insights. We can set up crawlers for any number of sites you need data from to fuel your market research projects.

4. Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis requires user-generated data from public forums and social media sites like Twitter. Our web crawling solution can extract data from forums, blogs, and e-commerce portals for running sentiment analysis.

5. Fueling Job boards
If you’re looking to extract job postings data from job boards and company websites, our crawlers can get this data from these websites according to the frequency specified by you. This job data can be used for keeping your job board up-to-date with fresh job listings.

6. News feeds aggregation
Media companies can get instant access to breaking news and trending information by employing our web crawlers. Being quick at reporting news is crucial to media firms and our low latency crawling makes for an ideal solution to this.

7. Brand monitoring
Brand monitoring is now a crucial tool for maintaining a good customer experience. With web crawling, companies can monitor their online presence by tracking customer grievances which can be resolved in time to maintain a positive brand image.

The above applications only form a fraction of the variety of web crawling projects that we handle on a daily basis. You can discover your own use case with the flexibility offered by our crawling solution.

The PromptCloud Advantage: Best Web Crawling Service

PromptCloud is the pioneer in enterprise-grade web crawling service with about a decade of expertise in this space. We take end-to-end ownership of the web scraping projects and provide you with the data you need, the way you need it. You can submit your requirements below to get started. Here are some of our exclusive benefits:

  • Fully managed service
  • Dedicated team for customer support
  • Every aspect of the web crawling project is customizable
  • Automated and manual layers of monitoring to detect website changes
  • Our extensive infrastructure can handle websites of any complexity
  • Ready-to-use clean and structured data

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