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The smartphone apps market is already a huge one and it’s going to keep getting bigger over time.
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Having a mobile app for your business has become something vital nowadays. If you are planning to launch a new mobile app, it’s always a good idea to do some market research first. Wondering where to begin your research? The best place to start your mobile app research is the app stores of major mobile operating systems. The Google Play store has 2.2 million apps available to choose from and Apple’s app store is not far behind with 2 million apps. There is a lot of valuable data available with the app listings like the category, star rating, user review, download count, app id, and developer information. If you want to do thorough research on the smartphone apps market, this data is all you need to acquire.


How to crawl app reviews?

Although manually checking the features and details of a top few apps are easy, it won’t give you the necessary insights and big picture. Manually collecting the data is no more a feasible option since the number of apps out there is in millions. This is where web scraping technologies come to the rescue. Web scraping is the technique of programming automated web crawlers to crawl and extract data available on the web. Web scraping can be used to extract any publicly accessible data on the web. The extracted data is stored in a document file that can be later used for analysis.

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How PromptCloud can help?

With our years of expertise in web scraping technologies, PromptCloud can create customized web crawlers that can crawl specific data points related to apps from the stores, like the category, star rating, user review, downloads count, app id, and the developer information. Reviews for different versions of the apps can also be extracted separately. The data points extracted are dependent upon the client’s requirements. The extracted data is provided in popular formats like CSV, XML, or JSON which makes it easier to use in your analytics software. With our powerful tech stack and infrastructure specifically built for web scraping, you can safely leave the burden of data acquisition for us to deal with.

If scraping app reviews from the web is your requirement, it’s time to talk to us.



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